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Mark's complaint against Purple Bricks Estate Agents

Mark Fisher


A shamefully bad service.

Complaint against Purple Bricks Estate Agents

I am not a customer who regularly complains and would favour compliments rather than complaining. However I though I would explain the shambolic treatment I have had letting my property through Purplebricks on a fully managed basis. Finding a tenant was a problem and maybe because it was advertised on rightmove and zoopla this would have been a natural transaction made by any astate agent, but it's what happened afterwards that let them down. Firstly there was very little contact from the letting dep't and although they changed my contact manager we wasn't informed, The Let sign remained "To Let" throughout the process which I thought was a bad commercial decision as a busy why wouldn't you tell the area you have let out a property. Then came the time for the tenants to take over the property but on asking when and what time the inventary company was coming, I was asked to ring them myself which I refused accepting a fully managed service I expected them to deal with this. Well a phone call from lettings told me 11am fine. 10:40 a phone call from the inventary guy telling us he was at the purplebricks office and the keys wasn't there waiting for him as so we had to go over to let him in on questioning about the crossover time he then went on to tell us he wasn't due to be there until 1pm so first mistake!! The passing over to the new tenant went ok and it wasn't until they had a problem with the electric shower not working that we needed to contact the management team. We were told by Shelley that she would instruct an engineer to come out, this was Friday morning a phone call later that morning confirmed an appointment between 12pm and 5pm well 4:45 my tenant rang me to tell me no-one had turned up so I rang the team who was in a meeting but promised me they would ring me. Yes you guessed it no one rang back so 5:15 I tried again to hear a recorded message that they only worked between 9 and 5 and to ring after hours which I did only to find there was nothing on record. So after explaining the problem again she told me she would deal with it, but as it was getting late I asked her to arrange a convenient time with the tenant. I was called by the tenant telling me an engineer would be there between 12 and 4 pm. Great I thought. However when the engineer turned up my tenant was told that he was sent out in error!!! as he was a plumber not an electrician.........you've got to laugh....... well I'd had enough I organised an electrical engineer myself and contacted Prplebricks to cancel my contract which they wasn't to pleased about but understood my reasons. I also asked for my keys to be returned that was 16th of September and after a number of false promises to date I am still waiting for these to arrive.

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