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Alan's complaint against Purple Bricks Estate Agents

Alan Bessell


Pay peanuts....

Complaint against Purple Bricks Estate Agents

Most people do not realise that Estate Agents still have work to do once a sale is agreed. The longer and more problematic the chain, the harder the Agent's work becomes. As the victim of a failed chain with a Purple Bricks property at the beginning please be aware; 1. You've already paid or will become liable to pay so Purple Bricks has no great interest in your problems. 2. The conveyancing factories you will likely engage, because buyer or seller PB make it hard to do otherwise, will be impersonal, hard to reach and probably slow to respond. 3. The other agents in my chain found it very hard to work with PB and these conveyancers and the chain ultimately collapsed due to the failure of the PB conveyancer at the bottom of the chain, despite having at least 6 weeks head start on the other transactions, had failed to communicate the lack of a mortgage offer. 4. PB meanwhile continued to insist and in writing to me personally that the mortgage was in place. Go somewhere else.

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