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Alfie's review of Rates and Rental Surveyors

Alfie Thompson


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Review of Rates and Rental Surveyors

I have been dealing with rates and rental for 5 years now. They have gotten me multiple reduction with multiple locations for my company (I cant name it due to review guidelines). I see R&R have a LOT of negative reviews that say they never got their paperwork published but that doesnt make sense as it can be done in 5 minutes. Why would R&R take the time to come take pictures and measure up the business to then skip the 5 minute process to register for a reduction?? I asked R&R whats going on when a guy came and measured up the new office and he said its a bunch of competitors teaming up to try take R&R down. From what Im seeing on these reviews they all say roughly exactly the same story just spun in a little different way. No one has a unique story - thats enough for me to leave this review in hopes people read it and gain to confidence in R&R again.

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Toni Gilham | | VERIFIED

No we don't have a unique story because we have all been ripped off by this company from the start they have been less than transparent when getting us to sign the contracts and when caught out then spout "It's in your contract" I have recordings of conversations calling us stupid etc if you really want the truth
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