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Richard's complaint against Rates and Rental Surveyors

Richard Yeeles


Rates & Rental Surveyors - Steer well clear

Complaint against Rates and Rental Surveyors

This company is awful do not use at any cost. They charged me £500 plus VAT for the original survey and supposed rate reduction - which never happened and our rates were never reduced!! This was in 2016. I have now just received a further invoice and demand for payment for a supposed rate reduction. So I contacted the VOA who told me that categorically R&R never even applied for a reduction on my behalf. Wish I had read all the negative reviews before signing up.

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Toni Gilham | | VERIFIED

I am going through the same thing a bill for 4k and they are now apparently taking me to court they put in an appeal and withdrew it.. my rates were reduced by the government and R,&R Are now stating I owe them commission on the reduction regardless of how it was achieved.. I will be counter sueing with the help of a rates profesdional who would be more than willing to help you to.

Richard Yeeles | | VERIFIED

I'm not paying them, full stop. I have just ignored every email they have sent me and they seem to have stopped. They did the same to me, trying to claim they were responsible for the reduction. A simple call to VOA was enough for me to confirm that it was a general rate reduction as part of government policy and had nothing to do with them at all.
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