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Matthew's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Matthew Inge


"Dream kitchen" actually a nightmare

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

A terrible experience from start to “finish”. Poor would be an understatement for the level of communication (which is inconsistent, and in several cases, incorrect), management (there isn’t any) or Customer Care (down to the customer to repeatedly chase Wren for missing items, incomplete work, works that haven’t been passed to the installers etc.) Once Wren have your money you become a hindrance and there is a definite lack of will to resolve any issues. From the start of design process, we have been let down by Wren, we asked several direct questions at each stage and it have since been told that we were “misinformed”. We have been sent emails chasing us for information that had already been provided (with a you must return by date which had already passed by the time email sent to us). Trying to speak to any “Manager” is extremely difficult and time consuming. The “Pre-start inspection” was poorly carried out, rushed and incomplete. This fed into the installation, which was late starting, took weeks longer than we were told resulting in us having to delay follow on trades, left a large amount of damage to walls and ceilings which cost us to repair. The installers (who are all sub contracted despite us being told they are directly employed) blame Wren and Wren shrug shoulders and say it’s between the customer and Wren installers! The rubbish from the packaging was left on the front lawn for weeks and was only collected after threatening to deliver it to the show room. The installers held onto the key for weeks after they had “finished” and only managed to locate it after the costs to replace the lock was put to Wren. Neither Wren or their installers have any idea what a programme is or how to manage works in order to stick to a completion date. Emailing the support team the issues results in partial answers, holding statements and generally fobbing us off. If an email contains 5 issues to resolve, then 1 will be answered and the rest ignored. It took weeks to drag complete answers from Wren, who admitted that the service had not been provided to a reasonable standard of care. We asked for a complaint form and compensation months ago only to be told that a complaint couldn’t be raised until the kitchen is complete (despite this being one of the complaints!). We head back yesterday that we cannot complain as the kitchen wasn’t that late – completely ignoring every other point we raised (the misinformation, the poor communication, the late installation, not including agreed works in the installation, lack of management, damage to the house, missing items, etc). We gave Wren the chance to respond to all of our complaints prior to posting any reviews, but Wren chose not to respond (much as they have done throughout our experience.) If you have any sort of choice DO NOT USE this company. We wish we had gone elsewhere.

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