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Hattie's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Hattie Ahmet



Complaint against Wren Kitchens

They don't even deserve 1 star, but it won't allow me to give them nothing. Shockingly bad experience from start to finish, but let's start at the beginning. 1. Salesman assured me the kitchen cupboards would be MDF not chipboard. I bought the kitchen, which arrived as chipboard. When I called to complain, not only did they say that they don't even do MDF, so I was outright lied to, the customer service handler tried to spin some other lie that chipboard is better quality and more durable. I'm no kitchen designer but we can all agree that is outright not true. 2. The kitchen arrived in a different shade than ordered. When I sent pics whilst speaking on the phone to the customer service rep, he immediately admitted fault and assured me he'd change them. He then realised I was out of my 30 day return policy (we had some delays with workmen so the ready assembled cupboards sat in their padded and sealed boxes until we were ready to fit them) and swiftly changed his tune. Ladies and gents, I kid you not, he GENUINELY tried to tell me that the reason they had "changed colour" was because they had been stored in the packaging they arrived in. Apparently he personally checked the order before dispatch and it was pure white upon dispatch. Magic colour changing cabinets! 3. One of the cupboards arrived broken and every single cupboard (and I mean EVERY SINGLE CUPBOARD on my white kitchen) had weird green streaks that won't come off no matter what I try. Again, will not exchange. 4. The kitchen designer left me no room to put a tap in behind my sink. Like sinks were just meant to look like a beautiful, empty, gaping hole in your worktop and most definitely are not meant to have running water to wash your dishes. I believe the customer service representstive's words were "a mispick on your part". Are you actually kidding me? Who is the kitchen designer here? Pretty sure it is your job, not mine - I am paying you to do exactly this. 5. The work top that arrived looked nothing like the one in the showroom. The one in the showroom had lots of dark pewter grains against white, providing a lovely contrast. The worktop I got is almost beige with light grey streaks. I'd say pay a little more and go elsewhere, but they're also not the cheapest out there. So save some money, get a better quality kitchen, and with the cash you'd have left over, go and treat yourself to a city break, safe in the knowledge that the kitchen you've just bought from ANYWHERE ELSE is far superior to one that Wren could ever provide you with!

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Hattie, I have replied to your Trustpilot review. Regards, Adam

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Hattie, I have replied to your Trustpilot review. Regards, Adam
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