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Harmeet's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Harmeet Kaur


An Absolute disaster with WREN kitchen.

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Kitchen purchased Jan 2018 even though we had just gone to have initial look. Since our work schedule was not in place, we were told to provisionally book it as the dates can be changed 30 days before. Cost of the kitchen : £36,645.08 (Without Appliances) Deposit paid and Outstanding balance for finance : £28,800.00 First provisional Installation date 25/06/2018 - 29/06/2018 Second delayed installation on 5/05/2018 and new date of delivery 13/09/2018 and installation from 17/09/2018 Finally new date of delivery 26/11/2018 and installation on 04/02/2018 (Confirmed in October) Finally here are the timelines that followed : 1) 20th November they ask me start paying them from my Barclays Agreement 13/09/2018 as they had already manufactured my kitchen. If i refuse to agree, i was told they will still take the payment but also remove installation from my pack. I had to keep protesting as the agreement said, payment can only be made when the installation is complete. 2) 26th November 2018 - Kitchen delivered and installation date of 4th - 8th February is fixed. 3) 4th February 2019 - Date of initial installation. During installtion, some of the items were found to be missing or damaged and were ordered by our installer Matt Hinchliffe including damaged Faber extractor door, breakfast bar worktop downturn. He did that himself and I was not included in the conversation. 4) 21st February 2019 - Delivery of replacement parts. Only some replacement parts were sent but the ones mentioned above were missing for A/C No 611824 and Order No 31180706. Matt was not happy as he was not able to finish the kitchen installation at his end. 5) 26th February - Survey & Template date for worktops, stealth island and dining table worktop. The order ref was 28277400 and sales order no 62748/1 6) 7th March - Installation of worktops, stealth island and dining table worktop but at this stage, only one worktop was installed and no one had any information about stealth island and dining table worktop. We were given another date for this installation of 19th March as we were moving into the property on 22nd March. My electrician and plumber waited whole day and finally charged me for wasting their time. 7) 18th March - Confustion regarding pop-up sockets, charging plates and electric hob. An email was sent at the last minute that i should give the sizes, even through the products were shown and every detail discussed during survey. 8) 19th March - Date to install stealth island and dining table worktop and finish the installation with snagging. We kept waiting only to be told at the end of the day, there would be no installation. No one even had a clue that there was to be an installation, even though repeated reminders were sent to me and in case i asked for cancellation, i was to pay a £100 fee. My electrician and plumber waited whole day and finally charged me for wasting their time. At this stage the parts that were ordered on 5th February by the fitter were still not made available. There were pipes and wires everywhere making it dangerous for the kids but since our move was booked, we had no choice but to move into the house as it was all arranged. The previous team who came to fit the worktop refused to fit kitchen sink or tap and so did the kitchen fitter even though all the water and drain fittings were arranged with our plumber afterwords. The same went for the incinerator which was eventually arranged by yourself and Matt did it on 4th April. So for initially 3-4 days we had no water in the kitchen after our move and it was all done by our plumber on a special call. 9) 21st March - Another site survey & template checklist for sales order no 62748/2. 10) 3rd, 4th and 5th April - Another fitting date for stealth island, dining table worktop and completing the kitchen. The dining table worktop was done on 3rd but stealth island fitting that was to be done on following days there was no sign of it. We again had to stay home taking time off for the full day and no one turned up. Fitter could not finish the other part of the kitchen i.e. breakfast extension or the replacement of Faber extractor fan as the items were not delivered. He refused to fit any pop-sockets or hob even though we had paid extra for all the templating. The worktop team had mentioned that it should be done by the fitter and not them. My electrician and plumber waited whole day and finally charged me for wasting their time. 11) 9th April - Replacement parts order no 31525929. It was found that the Faber extractor fan door has still not been delivered even though Matt the installer has mentioned that it was ordered in the first instance on the 5th of February. 12) 11th April - A new date of 30th April is given for fitting stealth island. We are still waiting for the completion of the kitchen even though we are living in the house from 23rd March. There are electrical wires and water pipes all over and it was very dangerous with 2 small kids in the house. This wait with continues cancellation of dates is driving all of us to the brink of a breakdown. My electrician and plumber waited whole day and finally charged me for wasting their time. The technical service manager is forcing us to sign the completion and says he gives us personal assurance that it will be completed. He says the deal that was offered to us for 12 months no money following completion and 5 years Interest free payment was a special permission. It will be offered but we should sign completion right away. I am forced to point to him, that a completion cannot be signed as the most important and expensive part of the installation is still incomplete. 13) 30th April Nothing : I am sent an email on 3rd May to sign and confirm the template once again. Finally on 10th May i am given new installation date of 4th and 5th of June. 14) 13th June 2019 : More replacement parts are ordered for delivery 15) 4th June : No one turns up for installation and my electrician and plumber waited whole day and charged me for wasting their time. 16) 5th June : Finally the team turns up and assembles the stealth island. My electrician and plumbers help with the installation. There were so many last minute changes and all the advise which was given at the start had gone for a toss. The location had moved and since the floor was tilled, the electrician and plumber had to work in very tight space to move the wires, water pipes and waste pipes. I was charged extra amount for all these changes, even though Wren had completely messed it at their end. At the end of it all, the technical service manager spoke to us. He said the last bits that have been left including some silicon etc will be done in next a few days before we leave on a holiday. He said he will take up the compensation issue with his higher ups as he was aware of what we had been through. The installers had not made provisional installations despite repeated requests and we had been living with open wires and open ended kitchen with kids. We were charged for templating charges/pop-up sockets and hobs but no one wanted to fit them. The incinerator and sink was sold to us, i got my team to do electrical and plumbing but the Wren installers refuced dry fit. They blamed it from kitchen fitter to Rotheram back and forth and finally to my electricians and plumbers. It was an absolute nightmare. We waited to hear from him and finally left on our summer break to be with my old father. 17) 11th July : Suddenly on 11thJuly we see money was withdrawn from our account and on enquiry we were told, the kitchen is complete. When we questioned, we were sent a copy of the completion but that did not have my signature at all. I questioned the authenticity of that and also asked for other works to be finished. I was told it is all done and now we are in the warranty phase should approach appropriate team. When asked about compensation, i was sent a form to fill, which said you have to first agree the installation is complete, which is not. We asked that what happened to the promise of 12 months free and 5 years/ 60 months interest free payments. I was told it was reduced to 4 years/48 months and we should speak to Barclay finance about it. All the finance was done by them at their store and from their chosen provider. They had offered 12 months no payments followed by 60 months IFP, so how can my speaking to Barclays help. The 12 months no payment was approved by the store manager after speaking to the finance and other directors (this is what i was told). This was exactly in line with what was offered to my cousin who had been referred to them by me but from a different store. Now sitting out of the country does not help and we have completely lost it. Trying to resolve it for now and still have hopes that they will bring it in line with the agreement and move forward on it. Putting it in this public forum has been our first resort and the email conversations are taking us no where. If this is not resolved I will definitely take it legally with trading standards, watchdog, rouge traders, rip of Britain and Citizen Advice Bureau when we get back. Will also be forced to stand outside their store every weekend with a ply-card to make people aware of their ethics.

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