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Dolly's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Dolly jamgotre


[LAPSED] Appauling Service! Most stressful experience of my life!

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Where do I begin????? So we had a major water leak in September 2016 which resulted in 3 rooms on the ground floor being stripped out of flooring which included the kitchen. After 12 weeks of industrial heating equipment we decided now would be a good time to make an investment in a new kitchen. So we ordered a kitchen back in October for January 16th delivery. I was away in the US and we started installing the kitchen in January after delivery. We are now in April and I have had to order kitchen replacements including panels, doors, shelves for the THIRD time. The original order came with plastic seals which DO NOT come off and with it being a black kitchen peels off the paint if you try too hard! the plastic is virtually stuck into the joints and no way of it actually coming off. They have obviously been sitting around for some time with the seal on it. We received the original order with panels missing to then wait further for this delivery. The fitter wanted everything to be present before he would commence the work. When the fitting was done it was evident almost ALL except 2 doors needed replacing as majority of the doors were damaged. After another 2 visits to the showroom where at first they were reluctant to help until I advised them I was not happy in front of other customers they actually decided to sit down and re order anything as I did not know where to start! Then the worktop was fitted by J Rotherhams the contracted company by Wren. Considering I paid almost £15K for the kitchen and a third of the cost was for the worktop I expected a class service. The worktop was fitted with large gaps between the walls, the joints were appalling and chipped and there were damage chips to the worktop which were not effect of the granite pattern. After many calls and photographs to Rotherhams and weeks later we were able to agree them coming out to fix up stands to hide the gaps, redo the joints and wax fill the chips. What I should have done was reject the worktop and make them do it again, they thought they were doing ME a favour by repairing the issues. I was expecting a delivery tomorrow morning for the missing panels as work cannot progress until these are received. I have a fitter booked for Monday and the tiler booked for next Friday. I received a series of 8 emails at 5.15pm to apologise for the short notice but all of the replacement items but 3 will NOT be arriving tomorrow now as they are not in stock! It is now April 7th and I am still without a sink, or hob fitted and actually very stressed and poorly as have been eating take away food since September which has taken a toll on my health with being diabetic. Nobody wants to take ownership of the issues and sort this out as a matter of urgency and this is absolutely disgusting. I have a fridge that was mis sold to me as I requested the integrated fridge to hold full size bottles on the shelves and this fridge DOES NOT. I am so stressed out with this whole episode, have broken down many times this week and to a WREN adviser on the phone today.I wish I had NEVER walked into WREN and spent any money with them. I am so disappointed with the way I have been treated and continue to be treated! The above is only a summary of the long list of calls, visits, conversations and issues I have had. I want a refund!

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Dolly, If you would like to confirm your order number, I will look into this for you. Regards, Adam

Dolly jamgotre | | VERIFIED

25156875 Dolly Jamgotre

Dolly jamgotre | | VERIFIED

25156875 Dolly Jamgotre

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Dolly, I have forwarded your comments on to our Customer Care management team, and asked that this be investigated. You will be contacted directly in due course. Regards, Adam
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