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Danielle's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Danielle Waters


[LAPSED] Avoid Wren kitchens promise the world then take your money and leave a shoddy product

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Well having spent £9,500 on a kitchen from Wren to say I am disappointed is an understatement. On initially visiting the showroom looking at the amazing products on show, we felt certain that we had made the right choice choosing a wren kitchen....... Well how wrong we were!! Having taken our money and offering a delivery and fitting date before Xmas we thought what could possibly go wrong!! Well the kitchen arrived without a washing machine so we were contacted to say there would be a delay of 7/14 days to get us a replacement , this combined with doors missing, the wrong measurement of the dishwasher which we were told could only have a slimline when in fact the fitters said we can have a full size one that would fit, eventually get a refund and order my own full size dishwasher to find that our glass sink that we paid nearly £500 for has two scratches on it!! A new one is ordered and a week later arrived at 7am from Hull which is about 3.5 /4 hr drive to find that no sink is on the van!!! Soooo another wait for a new sink!!! So we finally receive all the parts, sink and dishwasher to find that the fitters have messed up certain cuts so again they come back to repair them!! Well not all of them as we have been left with chips on the edging of the cupboard, chips to the laminate unit, a fitted panel that isn't even level and this to add insult to injury had to pay out £500 for pat testing and a few plug sockets which wren tell you that u may need the odd socket fitted as they desperately get you to part with your cash !!! So we have been left with a kitchen that still isn't 100% ...... Would never use Wren ever again!!!

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Hi Danielle I am sorry to hear of your issues, please either supply your order number or email me via [email protected] with this information so I can assist you further. Thank you Emma - Wren Kitchens
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