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Gabrielle's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Gabrielle Larcombe


Awful customer aftercare

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

The showroom experience was fantastic. However, the after sales care is absolutely appalling. Words cannot describe how inadequate and unhelpful the team are. If Wren do not understand the simple Sales of Goods Act they should not be running a business. We bought all new Neff applicances, Microwave, two ovens, extractor hood, hob, dishwasher etc but unfortunately the two Neff ovens did not work (unusual in itself), they insisted on calling an engineer out from Neff, this would have been fine apart from the fact that the quickest they could get an engineer out to see and then send a report back would have taken 3 weeks, then to order the new ovens another 10 days. Nearing Christmas this is not at all right or correct and sales of goods act says our contract is with Wren not Neff and new ovens should have been sent out. Wren customer ‘care’ let the whole thing down. Spending £19,000 on a kitchen and this is what happens. When we asked what we should eat for the next month and who would be paying she said ‘not our problem’ so we worked out that rather than spending what would have been at least £1500 on takeaway and quick food rubbish we went out and bought two new ovens ourselves that work perfectly. No refund or apology offered. Then when we told the supervisor we would be ordering new ovens and they would be delivered the next day so please cancel the Neff engineer appointment she agreed then wasn’t even capable of this. Lucky I had a text from Neff the day before so I phoned and cancelled otherwise the poor engineer would have had a wasted trip. The quality of our units so far seems very good. However after being told our kitchen would be delivered in a specific order so the fitter could work from the front (very good idea) this didn’t happen and loads of fittings kits, brackets etc were missing. Missing stuff takes three days to be sent out and arrive but this isn’t going to work around a kitchen fitters schedule. As I say the showroom experience was fantastic, needs to be if people are spending that much money. However if you have any issue that needs to be resolved afterwards Wren have the WORST aftersales team I have ever had the displeasure of talking too. God knows what will happen if we ever need to claim on our 25 year guarantee. Heaven forbid ! Because of this I would strongly recommend people go elsewhere. Not even any offer of an apology or gift vouchers. Take a leaf out of John Lewis’ book wren !

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