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carl's complaint against Wren Kitchens

carl sandland


[RESPONDED] Awful experience

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Tried to put this review on Trustpilot only for Wren Kitchens to challenge it by saying i was never a visitor to their store..Trustpilot now wants documentation to proof i was a visitor to Wren Kitchens...How can i prove anything when wren refused to give me anything to come away with because i didnt sign an order there and then???? Awful experience Total unprofessional approach to try and get you to sign on the day!!!! by using sales pressure e.t.c. Booked for someone to come round and measure kitchen only for an hour later they ring up and cancel the booking due to been double booked! turned up at showroom to design our kitchen using our measurements after two hours showed us a 2D and 3d picture of kitchen and the price of £18,000 in which we replied can we take away the plans and check the layout e.t.c. just to be told no you can only take away plans after leaving deposit for kitchen.....really! expected to make a choice there and then? then manager turned up and straight away knocks £2000 of the price without looking at the costings and says we can only do that price if you sign now!! They wont send out someone to our house to double check measurements. Never have i been so disappointed in the level of customer service as they knew i wasnt going to make a purchase there and then that the designer soon went all sulky and not so friendly its was soon apparent that we were no longer welcome, After about two weeks we received a phone call from wren asking us when we would like the new kitchen installed!! only for us to reply we hav'nt placed an order with wren and never will as the left hand dont know what the right hand doing? SO USE AT YOUR PERIL we ended up at an independent bespoke kitchen designer who kindly let use take home any 2d and 3d plans of our future kitchen and we ended up placing the order with them. who are 100 times a lot more helpful considerate and came up with some great new ideas and designs instead of just replacing new for old units in the same space. In all honestly do not buy from here

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Carl, thank you for your review. Regards, Adam

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Carl, thank you for your review. Regards, Adam
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