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Raghuvirsinh's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Raghuvirsinh Rathod


bad design

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Well, they call them one of the best kitchen specialist in the UK but hey could not properly design a unit to fit the fridge freezer! Not only that but instead when I asked them to rectify the error they tried to blame it on me. Due to their error now I am left with a wall unit that I cant use anywhere. Because if I put the wall unit the fridge freezer wont fit in the slot left below. I gave them the dimensions of my fridge 3-4 times but they bluntly denied it and said its my fault! I should have checked it. Well if I was a designer why would I pay them 6,500 pounds for a kitchen? When I asked for a refund for the wall unit which I can not use due to their error they agreed to pay me partial refund after so much of arguing! My question is why should I even pay the partial amount for a unit which I cant use because of their mistake, but they wont budge and kept telling me its my fault. I visited their showroom 3-4 times with the dimensions still their designer bluntly refused to accept it just because its their mistake. Did not expect this type of service from a so called reputable company who calls them kitchen specialist. Having to go through all these even after spending 6,500 (that too for a supply kitchen only) is bit too much. Their response was oh its a supply kitchen only so you should have checked the dimensions. Well just because its a supply kitchen only doesn't mean you provide a 2m wide kitchen to fit a gap of 1m wide kitchen is it, but that simple logic doesn't make sense to them. In a nutshell left with a ugly looking kitchen and unused wall unit (for which I was charged fully) despite spending 6,500 pounds and still being accused that its my fault!!! Leaving no option but to go to consumer court!

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