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Joe's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Joe Seet


[RESPONDED] Be careful of Wren Kitchen fitters - they can be a nightmare! Read for yourself and decide.

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

We called into a Wren Kitchen showroom in September 2016 and were persuaded by a very professional designer to consider Wren as the supplier and installer for our new kitchen and ordered it in December 2016. A main reason was the Store manager's assurance that Wren fitters are very experienced and would ensure the installation is to the highest standard possible. Sadly, our experience was very different. After 6 days (our kitchen is not complex and was for 11 cabinets, doors and worktops only) the fitter left our house on Friday 20 January saying that the job was finished except for the replacement door for the washing machine and another cabinet door both of which are due to arrive on the 28 and 30 January respectively; we had email confirmation of these delivery dates. We have taken 20+ pictures and 6 video clips of the kitchen equipment which have not been connected properly. As the files are quite big and exceed 20MB in total, we have set up a public folder on Google but links are not permitted on this site and we will set up a searchable link via Twitter and Facebook. Each picture and video file has been named with the faults as we see them. Particularly disturbing was the discovery by our electrician the morning when he attended to wire up the washing machine and dishwasher that all the under-sink connections including the tap, waste, washing machine, dishwasher, etc were dripping and a puddle had formed under the cabinet. Needless to say, electricity and water do not mix and he had to check and fix all the under-sink connections first as best he can before he could install the electrical connection, work we have had to pay for. The pictures show the reason why we are very upset and disappointed with the standard of our Wren kitchen, and the fitting thereof. A brief list of the major faults and points of concern are set out below: 1) the Techwall side panels not properly fixed to the wall, not sealed and the aluminium strip is damaged 2) the washing machine is not level and not properly fixed 3) the dishwasher door is crooked and its legs are not level and not properly fixed 4) all connectors and valves under the sink were not tightened and dripping on Saturday morning 5) the kitchen tap is loose and can be turned round on itself and the hot and cold connectors were leaking 6) the cabinets and Techwall panels are not properly sealed against the wall and gaps are showing everywhere 7) the floor cabinet side panel should not have been cut to abut the skirting board 8) the corner post was cut too short and botched with another piece 9) the cooker hood was not measured properly and a false plasterboard ceiling had to be made 10) during the installation, the hot and cold supply to the kitchen tap was switched and had to be reconnected ss did fitter had not checked before starting 11) the plinth air vent for the fridge freezer was not installed as the fitter said this was not needed 12) the plastic strip supplied with the fridge freezer was not installed and is now missing 13) the microwave is not properly fixed and is loose and one of the screws used is bent 14) the gas fitting was done by the fitter and a certificate was provided by a "friend" and we are now concerned if it is really complies with CORGI regulations We do not believe we are being fussy as we have had a new kitchen installed recently in our London home and the quality of the panels, etc, and the workmanship of the fitting and finishing people are of a very high standard indeed with attention to detail but we allowed ourselves to be persuaded by your designer and Store Manager that Wren is able to provide and do the same. After many more weeks and visits by separate fitters, all the faults were finally fixed in early March 2017 but our builders have had to fix other problems as the Wren fitters seem to know nothing about statutory building, electrical, gas and plumbing regulations. Our Wren fitter actually said he would fix and fit our gas hob and would get a "friend" to sign the Gas Certificate! It is unbelievable that Wren do not take responsibility for something as important as a Gas Certificate and are happy to rely on their fitters to arrange this on a sub-contract basis. As the customer, we have no way to check if the Gas Certificate is valid or not especially as we do not know if the "friend" is truly qualified to issue these or not. Sadly, we have also not a courtesy call or had any follow-up call or inspection by a Wren Manager to ensure the promise of a "quality installation by Wren" has been met. We know our kitchen is definitely not "a quality installation by Wren", and a request for a full refund of the total installation cost plus additional builders costs has been refused by various people from the Wren Call Centre. As we are so concerned that Wren may, as in our case, appoint arguably incompetent fitters to fit kitchens for other customers and have no understanding of courteous Customer Service, we are considering formal legal action to recover our costs, including a separate inspection for our Gas Certificate by a truly competent professional company. Other customers should be forewarned and forearmed - insist that Wren provides a copy of the qualifications and insurance cover of their fitters and their "friends" who issue Gas Certificates and, where necessary, Part P Electrical Certificates. This is especially important as our Wren fitter said, without their being any supplementary works to do as our builder had prepared the entire space to make his job as easy as possible, he only gets paid a fraction of what we paid Wren for installation and fitting and that he would be moving on to join B&Q as Wren did not pay as well. In future, we are unlikely to rely on Wren assurances about their fitters and if we were to order a new kitchen again, we would be a lot more careful and obtain comparable quotes but not from B&Q!

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Joe, I have responded to your Trustpilot review, and your complaint on this platform. Regards, Adam

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Joe, I have responded to your Trustpilot review, and your complaint on this platform. Regards, Adam
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