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Emma's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Emma Callan


[LAPSED] Continuously poor Wren installation experience

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

This is the latest email of many outlining some of the issues we've had with Wren. I am writing to register my disgust at what continues to be to ongoing saga of getting our kitchen finished. The disorganisation and lack of coordination by head office has never ceased to amaze me. I am just off the phone to Britney, another 20 minutes to add to my total time spent chasing/trying to get things sorted. When we paid Wren to fit our kitchen, we was assured to be the “easy” option as you coordinated the installation through until completion and until we were happy. This has failed at every stage – I keep feeding back, but nothing seems to have improved in the 3 months of the saga. Current issues: -Rubbish – we have paid a lot of money to have rubbish removed – this has NEVER happened as it should. Each time I have had to call and ask why there is a mountain of rubbish at my property, decomposing and causing an unsightly hazard. Today, marks 2 weeks of the latest pile of rubbish this time festering outside the front of our house, under the window. We live in a terrace with no driveway/front garden to speak of so this really is a problem for not just us but our fellow neighbours, and those walking by using the heap as a dumping ground for other rubbish. I was in the house on the 19th September when Billy, our fitter spoke to HQ to request rubbish pick up on the Thursday (21st September). I was not told I needed to take any further action. Speaking to Wren HQ now you apparently have no record of a request for rubbish request. I would expect you to follow up on what has gone wrong here. Today, I was asked to take a picture of the rubbish and send it to you otherwise you wouldn’t order collection. I have never been told I need to do this – this is surely not my responsibility. I am at work. It seems the sensible thing here would be to just order the rubbish collection?! It’s obvious there is more rubbish as the fitter was here that Tuesday (19th September) fitting bit of the kitchen you had delivered the week before. Please address why simple logic cannot be applied and why you insist on causing more distress to your customers, rather than just sorting out the problem by ordering the rubbish to be collected – be more human – how would you feel with a pile of rubbish outside your house, that you’ve paid a company £100s to be removed?! Remaining works – as I said on the phone – our initial delivery date for the kitchen was 21st July – it arrived with incorrect parts – a Wren mistake – yet here we are on the 3rd of October and apparently Wren HQ have not coordinated with the fitter to come and finish off when you are aware the remaining 2 items delivered last Thursday (28th September). I texted the fitter – as i hadn’t heard a date he was coming and he’s said “he’s busy this week but might be able to make Sunday”. I am actually pregnant and can’t and need to be resting at weekends now so this is not ok. What do you think a reasonable timescale is to come a finish a kitchen that was started on 24th July? Perhaps if Wren HQ had been coordinating the installation as should have been as per the service we’ve paid for, it would have been sorted by now? Aside from fitting the remaining boiler cupboard door, replacement fridge door, there is the “snagging” to be done. i.e. aligning all the drawers/doors, fitting the plinth vent, filling in holes made by changing pipes outside etc. Missing plug – as I reported to Warren on the phone more than once, and via email, more than once – the sink plug on a chat broken on day 1 and is no longer attached to the sink overflow. I was told >8 weeks ago a replacement was ordered but still have nothing. Showroom – my husband has emailed showroom on a number of occasions and hasn’t had a response, as they told Billy we hadn’t paid for the appliances to be installed – which we explicitly asked for and confirmed with Anthony our designer prior to signing. There were a couple of appliances we couldn’t get from Wren i.e. a 60/40 split fridge freezer and a white funnel extractor as you didn’t do them, but Anthony had confirmed he’s added installation on. We do not expect to be billed for these. I trust that on speaking with management you will order the rubbish for immediate collection. Please get back to be via email on how you are dealing with the above.

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