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[User Deleted]'s complaint against Wren Kitchens

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[LAPSED] Damaged items still not resolved 8 months on

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Initial contact made from builder as stuff came off the lorry. Pictures taken and sent in Made contact with Wren who said to install everything and make a comprehensive list with photos to peruse a claim Did all this and the ordered the frontal replacement. No acknowledgement of job damage Replacements arrived in December, one item damaged on delivery and written on delivery note. Further two items opened and both were damaged or had pieces missing. Contacted Wren and advised of the issues, sent builders home and told Wren to collect the goods. After lengthy calls about sorting a full frontal AGAIN, Dwayne King said we will get a replacement again but we need to list everything again with photos and someone needs to come out. Someone then came out and did all this for us a few days before Xmas. March We chased the progress and turns out the surveyor that came around has now left the company and didn't leave any notes. Nothing was getting sorted when we thought it was. No one made contact with us in this time Thursday 20th April Spoke to Rebecca - understood all our issues and said amount is over her authorised amount but will get back to me in a few hours. Mentioned that paying for the fitter would be okay. Also identified that as we have had a full frontal replacement once before, no additional visit is needed Friday 21st April Chased the query with Rebecca with someone else, they had no idea who Rebecca was or what she was doing to help as she left no notes. Said they will get back to me Tuesday 25th April Spoke to Sophie Wilcock Understood everything, been very useful and reflected most of the same as the chat with Rebecca, but wasn't sure about paying for our fitter. Mentioned they had to check with the warehouse to see if our first lot of replacements had come back. Said she will get back to me in the morning. Wednesday 26th April Called and left a call back request for Sophie Thursday 27th April Called and spoke to someone saying that Sophie isn't available but the latest note is that Guildford store needs to send someone out to inspect the kitchen. I contested this because we have already had that and a full frontal replacement before, said she would speak to her manager and then put me on hold for 30 mins with No communication Called back and hung up on after the person picked up Called back again and insisted on speaking to a manager. Spoke to Rob Cheyne and he assured me that a manager Toni Watkins was currently on a three way call with the branch manager and the warehouse discussing the issue. Assured me I will get a call back. Also told me there weren't direct dial numbers Received call from Toni, cleared up loads of things that were wrong in the story and made sure she understood how everything has gone. When I explained that I was allowed to leave the other stuff outside, she said that it could be a problem as I shouldn't have been told that... as half of it was probably fine. Said she will have to do more internal investigations to see what's gone wrong and how to fix it. Date on email Received email from Toni just giving us an update of no progress Tuesday 2nd May Called Toni and she confirmed again no progress, but she was waiting on just one qc manager to sign off the new order. I asked what she will do if she can't get in touch with him, and if she can escalate it as it's been a week waiting for this guy. Friday 5th May Received email from Toni confirming it's been signed off and wants new pictures of hob damage. Generally in May we eventually got the hob damage photographed and agreed to be replaced. Toni wouldn't agree on paying for the full costs of our fitter, and was only happy to pay £400 - which we eventually accepted on the condition that the waste would be collected by Wren and that this is not in anyway limiting of our compensation claim. 13th June Replacement order arrived 14th June We inspected the items to find that there was alot of damage, half of the frontals were missing and the replacement hob was the wrong model. 15th June Sent email to Toni-Lee letting her know that we have given up and we just want a small list of items to be re-ordered and the rest we will live with. We are tired of wasting our times with calling, waiting for deliveries, inspecting deliveries, photographing and labelling damage and then doing it all over again. Not to mention our own constant chasing to get things fixed. 21st June Called and spoke to Charlotte on the new 'Warranty support team' Generally it sounded promising that Wren have finally realised how terrible they are. Charlotte told me that Toni-Lee wasn't in and that I should send the email to their team and we will get a quicker response and a dedicated person to deal with the issue. 23rd June Chased Charlotte for a response 27th June Charlotte got back to me asking for pictures. I explained that she has all the pictures she needs for the items which are missing because they were on an original re-order. And then pointed her to the file names of the pictures I sent on 15th and 21st June for the items we received on 13th June that were damaged. 28th June Chased for update. Tried to call but was on hold for 35 mins and needed to get back to work 30th June Received new drawer fittings 3rd July am Tried to call again but was in a queue for 20+ minutes. Doesn't seem like any time of day is a good time to call. 3rd July pm Sent an email demanding why I haven't yet received a response to my email on the 27th June. And also informed Charlotte that the drawer fittings were wrong. Provided images AGAIN of the fittings I need after dismantling a drawer from my kitchen to show them which ones are missing (something I think they should be able to know themselves)

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