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Blessed's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Blessed Manyathela


[LAPSED] Extremely poor customer service unbelievable

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Have recently purchased a kitchen from wren which has gone wrong from beginning and it seems a struggle to even complete the kitchen. 1. When I ordered the kitchen that cost me above £12,000 I expected to have value for money , good customer care and service which I haven't had till today . 2. My kitchen kitchen was supposed to be delivered 22/10/16, hence due to lack of communication between the store and myself this never happened, I was then told that my kitchen was then scheduled for the 24th without any form of communication with myself , which left me in an awkward position due to my personal circumstances 3. Despite more than one person coming to measure and the other person overseeing that the measurements were correct, still I was sent the wrong units which was picked up by the kitchen fitter before installation, 4. My units were delivered in bits and pieces on different days , and at some point yodel vans were used to deliver some of the units , I only expected one van , hence two vans turned up an hour apart each with one box each, it was fortunate enough that I was about to leave the house when the other van turned up which I did not have an idea about. 5. I ordered all my kitchen appliances with wren , I picked up a nice sink , last minute I was informed that the sink was out of stock and I have to choose a different sink , this was not ideal I was quite upset as I could have purchased that sink seperately if was informed in time , the kitchen manager came to my house and confirmed that the sink was available, the exact sink that I chose previously and it will be delivered within days, this never happened. No one bothered to update me what was going on , I personally emailed Sam who I was told will be the facilitator for my kitchen installation yet I have never had anything from her , neither has she bothered to check how i am getting on , she confirmed that the sink will be available 18/11/16 and it will be ready for Monday 21/11/16 for Rotherham company to do granite templating. I waited all day 18/11/16 , sink never tuned up , someone rang at 1700hrs to say the driver ran out of time and couldn't deliver, therefore sink won't be available for 21/11/16, that means templating will not take place on the 21/11/16 because im still waiting for the sink and no one seems bothered or take honourship. 6.This installation has taken more than long enough as far as I'm concerned, I was excited to have my new kitchen but not anymore, I have never regretted spending such an amount of money on something that is really not worth it, should I have known this I would have not done it , I sincerely regret it with all my heart .depending when someone will decide to do their job properly, I will have to rebook Rotherham who will also take weeks to give me another appointment. They once came and the sink was not there and they couldn't do the tepmplating. I find this very unfair, and very unacceptable, I really need an explanation what is actually going on ? I'm really annoyed, I accepted at the beginning that yes mistakes happen but now this is beyond a joke. Now the hob is not fitted, i can't even make food or whatsoever., it looks like the kitchen will take months before it gets finished, no one is interested, I am passed from one person to the other . This company is not reputable at all very very poor organisation and very poor communication skills. Blessed Manyathela

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Good Morning Blessed. I have asked our installation team to contact you as a matter of urgency to discuss your concerns. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Regards, Adam
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