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Heather's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Heather Cook


[LAPSED] Failed promises, still not kitchen

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Our kitchen was delivered on the 12th November. A few hours before delivery, I was emailed to let me know that certain items would not be delivered, (doors and shelves, and that they would follow in a week). Not particularly impressed, but I could live with that. Since then, trying to get all parts of my kitchen to arrive has been a joke. Briefly; The kitchen designer knew that I was installing a belfast sink. A sink unit was ordered; but when it came to fitting, my installer told me that it was not the correct unit. 3 days later and with no water downstairs, a young family to look after and expensive meals out, we were told that Wren don't "do" Belfast sink units and instead, my installer would have to bastardise the existing unit into one that would fit. This time was not accounted for and it took him one whole day of carpentry to make a unit to accommodate my sink out of the leftover bits from the kitchen. Not acceptable. After the first lot of units went in, I realised that our designer had only provided for one 400mm set of 3 drawers - WHAT! I have a large kitchen and a big family and this clearly was poor design advice. There's no way that is enough drawer space across a kitchen with 18 cupboards. Disaster - I had nowhere to put my cutlery and utensils. I called up Wren who told me that it was my own fault and that if I wanted another unit then I would have to pay for it which was a massive £450, plus the cost of the unit that I no longer needed. So....I wait for the delivery of the doors. They didn't arrive. I call and complain, nobody knows why they didn't come, I'm promised another date....they don't arrive. Then...when my fitter tried to install the plinths, he realised that they were not tall enough. My husband and I are 6ft 1 and 6ft 3 and had the units fitted a little higher than standard. At no point were we offered a choice of plinth heights and again, we realised that we had been offered poor design advice as we were not offered the taller plinths. So...the ones we've paid for are no use, and so another £200 had to be spent on the correct size plinths. Over the last three weeks we have been sent....glass shelf clips rather than MDF shelf clips; a grey end panel (our kitchen is white) rather than Oak Lodge Shelves, Cool white LED lights, instead of warm white LED lights, we have a 900mm x 360mm end panel missing, we are still missing 3 doors and the draw cupboard still has not arrived (inspire of a delivery date 2 weeks ago). 4 corner unit shelves and two oak lodge shelves. i basically can't install all my kitchen items because I have no shelves. I have also now removed the plastic film from the gloss doors (they don't tell you about how hard that is to remove when you order the kitchen). In daylight....we have now realised that I have two different coloured sets of doors installed. Bright white and Linen White. 5 of my door fronts are the wrong colour. In the middle of all this, I had ordered my granite worktops to be fitted which I had to go ahead with because I couldn't live in a kitchen with no worktops any longer and also, if I didn't book them in now, then I would have had to wait until after Christmas. I have worktops fitted and there's still a gap where my base drawer unit should be. So far, my kitchen fitter has spent 5 extra days with me - for having to manufacture a belfast sink cabinet, trying to sort through the kitchen as the majority of the boxes were incorrectly labelled, and hanging around for deliveries that failed to materialise. He has charged me an extra £1000 for this (@ £200 a day). He has now gone off site and I'm worried about finishing things off. In total, we have spent over 7 hours on the phone with Wren - hanging on the line; waiting for answers that nobody seems to be able to address. While the telephone staff are always pleasant and understanding, I am still no further forwards. I am at a loss about what to do and am asking for both compensation for both the inconveniences I have had (plus the meals we have had to take out as we have not had a working kitchen), and a promise from Wren to deliver the missing items as soon as possible. i am also seeking refunds for the base drawer unit and the plinths as I believe I had a poor kitchen design that did not highlight a lack of drawer space for a large kitchen.

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Lapsed. Heather has not responded in 90 days

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Heather I am sorry to hear of the issues above, please email me directly on [email protected] with your order details. Thank you Emma - Wren Kitchens

Heather Cook | | VERIFIED

I have written a very long email detailing the failures by Wren. I look forwards to hearing your response in the next 24 hours as it is absolutely impossible to get anybody from you call centre to respond - I just end up hanging on the line for hours.

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Heather Your email is being looked into in full and a response will be provided as soon as possible as per my colleague Louise. Thank you Emma
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