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Mike's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Mike Piercy


Great Sales - Very poor installation and after sales service

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Just had new Milano kitchen installed (end of July 2018). The sales process was great, fantastic showroom, virtual reality room to view kitchen, planning process great. The way Wren works, is they assign a Kitchen fitter who is a contractor. Placed order for kitchen, the price includes installation of kitchen units, appliances and other items such as sinks, taps etc. You will be charged for the installation of any items that you do not order through Wren. Once the order is placed, various dates are set for pre-installation visits. One such visit is from the installation contractor (does not work for Wren). He checks out what he has to do and will quote for any additional work that needs to be done. This was a big issue as were quoted an additional £3500. This in my opinion was grossly overt the top, but given the installation was now a couple of weeks away I was stuck to find anyone else. The installation took a week and apart from making the team drinks, we simply left them to it. The days following the installation we started to find issues. So far we have 16 in total mostly related to poor / bad fitting, some damage related. Not great, knocks the excitement of having a new kitchen straight out the door. So, straight onto Wrens so called Installation Support team. The service levels / experience are very poor. Have phoned emailed them numerous times. Ignoring the automatic email response, I've had only 1 email response, no phone calls (despite being assured on a number of occasions someone will). We have received some replacement parts and a few more (not all) are scheduled for delivery next week. So that part of the process works ok'ish. If any Managers from Wren Installation Support team happens to read this, Please take note - someone needs to review and invest more money in this part of the business instead of opening more fantastic looking showrooms. Otherwise, like so many kitchen companies before, you won't be around for long. I genuinely hope you sort this side of the business out, since it lets down all the other parts of the business that do such a great job.

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