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Bhav's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Bhav C


[RESPONDED] I have successfully sued Wrens!

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

I have successfully sued Wrens! Be very aware of this company. Do not let the glitzy showrooms fool you. Behind the scenes is an organisation in chaos. Customer service is virtually non-existent. If you have to complain you will be asked to write to a rather fanciful sounding complaints department called the “Directors Office” – where there are no Directors of course. Quality of their products is mediocre at best and the quality of the running gear on drawers and pull out units will simply not stand the test of time. I purchased a Linda Barker kitchen from the Bristol store and was promised a week to install. A year later the installation was still incomplete. We had everything thrown at us – incorrect measurements, wrong items, damaged items, unskilled fitters, poor installation and worst of all zero response from Wrens. You name it we suffered it. There is far too much detail to explain everything except to say earlier this year I ultimately decided to take them to court under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. As you can imagine they were not best pleased and their solicitors threw every word of small print in the contract to deny liability and responsibility. Their constant intimidation tactics did not phase me in the slightest but made me even more determined as I knew they were in clear breach of the Supply of Goods and Services Act and the Sale of Goods Act. On the day of the court hearing they had appointed some high-flying barrister who again decided to intimidate me into settling for a ridiculously low compensation figure which I refused. The judge was clearly not impressed with Wrens and issued them with a CCJ. The Judge found Wrens to have acted in breach of the term (implied under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982) in failing to provide a service, namely the fitting of a kitchen, with the necessary care and skill required and within a reasonable time frame and failing to demonstrate a duty of care. Wrens were also found guilty under Sales of Goods for supply of poor quality of materials. The Judge proceeded to award me well in excess of a thousand pounds in compensation. If Wrens have failed you, do not be afraid to take legal action. This is a truly vile organisation. Some advice and warning to anyone still thinking of buying their dream kitchen from Wrens. Firstly, DON’T, go elsewhere! Secondly, if you really have been taken in by their sales patter then beware they will not entertain any complaints until you have signed the completion certificate (where you have used their fitters). The minute you sign the completion certificate, your finance agreement will commence (if you have bought on finance) and Wrens will receive full payment from Barclays. From that point onwards, you are on your own. Good luck with resolving any complaints. You have been warned. DO NOT under any circumstances sign the completion certificate or anything unless you are 100% satisfied and make sure you read ALL the small print BEFORE you enter into the agreement.

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Bhav. Thank you for your review. Regards, Adam

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Bhav. Thank you for your review. Regards, Adam
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