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Trustpilot reviews Categories My Reviews My Settings Help LOG OUT Alternate Text Tom Lerp GB For companies Review of Wren Kitchens Tom Lerp Tom Lerp 3 reviews 4 stars: Great A minute ago In two minds. My whole experience Would I recommend Wren Kitchens is what I've been asked a lot by friends and colleagues, and I'm in two minds about it. The design team were great. My kitchen it a difficult space with weird angles. They did amazing with the space and I'm really happy with it. My fitter was great, went above and beyond, however the fitters they hire are just fitters that you can contact and pay less than half the price for yourself. I choose to pay the extra for fitting as everything is central, if anything goes wrong Wren will need to sort it. So I thought of it as a bit of extra insurance. The negatives: looking back I feel I was pressured to sign. The quote that stands out to me was "we can give you that free ex-display sink and tap but if you don't sign today, I don't know if it will be avaliable or not". When we had the final price, I was asked my budget which I hadn't mentioned until this point. Once I told them, there seemed to be a lot of wriggle room go get it down to my price. In the end, I didn't get that free sink, but they knocked off some money to make up for that which was fine as an outcome. However, the major downfall here was the difficulty contacting my design team or the store manager after paying. They do send automated emails at trigger points, and central office call before the date of fitting. However, I called 4 times to speak to my design person at the store. Each time told he would call me back, on the 4th call I was told he no longer works there and I should have been told this. He also didnt answer any emails I sent (but he may have been given a new email address at the other store he now works at to be fair). Asked to speak to a manager 3 times after this, was told he was not free but would call back. Never received that call back. Here's my conclusion - IF everything goes well, and you don't need to chase Wren, you will not have any issues and will be happy overall. However, I can see that if anything did go wrong, being able to contact those who you need to at the store will be a chore, and I'm not the only one to point out the difficulty of communication from the store judging by online reviews. Once I signed, I felt like the store itself wiped their hands clean of me which wasn't a nice feeling to go away with. Overall, happy with my kitchen, happy with the before sales, designing, and an amazing fitter (who told me he earns less than Wren make from me paying Wren to install which was sad to hear). Not happy with the store not really seeming that bothered once you've paid. I probably wouldn't use Wren again based on the above niggles in all honesty. This isn't a complaint, just an outline of my overall experience from start to finish - I am happy with my kitchen overall.

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