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Amy's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Amy Tetc


I would give zero if I could!

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

1. Items not available You have items on display in your Southend showroom that are no longer available to order. 2. Sold something not fit for purpose Design end panel was sold to me as an alternative worktop as part of my design. After speaking to at least four of your employees (on numerous occasions), all were under the assumption that your designer end panels came finished on all 6 sides; they aren’t. I’ve had 3 delivered, on 3 separate occasions, and each time they were unfinished. Lo and behold Wrens have sold me something not fit for purpose and originally refused to correct this matter. 3. Mislead on timings It was stated that delivery was between 3-4 weeks. It was only AFTER I had paid the deposit for my kitchen that I was told I would not be able to have the items delivered until Mid-August, 11 weeks from taking deposit! The reason was because I had ordered the units in a Grain finish rather than a plain Satin finish. It was actually that it was an availability issue and not a delivery issue. I feel this was miss communicated to me and ended with me making another compromise to get a delivery date the following week. 4. Delivery I had to get some items redelivered. The Southend store and the CS team both told me over the phone the delivery date was 24th July. I even called to combine deliveries as I had another delivery coming on the 23rd. When I had still not heard anything about an AM/PM slot I called on 23rd and was told the delivery date was 1st Aug! After talking with CS on the 24th I was told they had managed to move the delivery forward to 30th July. Not even 24hrs later I get another call to say there was no space on the vans and my original delivery date of 1st August still stood. 5. Wrens ignored the accessibility issue repeatedly I specifically stated the accessibility issue to everyone I spoke to at Wrens (Surveyor, Wrens Southend branch - Sales Rep and Gen Manager - at purchase and Wrens CS for delivery date) and obviously someone has not read my notes on my order. On the first deliver, the delivery men stated they could not get them up the stairs! Both the delivery team and CS team (when I called Jill told me it was in my notes) mentioned I should have had the units delivered as flat pack. To add insult to injury, on the second delivery of the units (Again fully assembled), myself and a friend managed to get them upstairs in one piece without the need of dismantling them!! Unfortunately I had to reorder the tall unit a third time due to damage and the final straw was yet again I asked for it to be delivered flat pack and AGAIN, it turned up assembled! To my disbelief however, the delivery team did manage to get it up the stairs this time. This leads me to ask – why could the first delivery team not do the same? 6. Unhelpful and uncooperative Staff I have lost count how many times I have spoken to Wren staff. The branch staff state they are unable to help further than ordering and designing and push all other issues to the CS team. The CS team will not alter from a very antiquated process and system. After all these issue, not one person put themselves out to help resolve or make the issue less painful. Customer service is definitely not high up on the list. 7. No quick turn a rounds After Wrens mess-up with the flat pack, I was told that it would take another 2 weeks for the flat pack units to be delivered. On requesting the assembled units back less than 17hrs later (after the first delivery) I was surprised to hear that the units were already back in the main warehouse in South Yorkshire being destroyed (even though the delivery guys did not leave until after 5pm the evening before!). When I asked CS to arrange to bring it back ASAP they said that it had to go all the way back to South Yorkshire to be scanned as a return to then be reordered and a new delivery date set. I find it hard to believe that there is no manual over-ride in situations like this. In this day and age I would think you could manually type in the barcodes so that the units got to me sooner. 8. Hung up on repeatedly At least three members of the CS team hung up on me. Not great when you have to keep explaining the situation over and over again! 9. Missing/Wrong parts As the kitchen fitter was installing the kitchen there were missing or wrong sized items. a) Missing basket strainer for the sink b) The Water pipe (silver pipe) was not long enough. The surveyor took specific measurements and locations of taps and water points so that this could be roughly calculated. c) No hinges or holes in the front cabinet door for the integrated washing machine. 10. Kitchen doesn’t fit Due to the fact that the designer and the surveyor failed to do their jobs properly, my wall units are 2cm out of alignment. Therefore I have less space on the left side of my cooker hood than the right side to compensate for this.

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