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M's complaint against Wren Kitchens

M Dawson


Keep Away from Wren Kitchens

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Are you a 94 year old with no kitchen, water or cooking facilities, cooking on a two ring burner in your living room for 6 months waiting for Wren to fit your kitchen? This is an utter rubbish company! Stay away from them. They advertise interest free for 1 year. This is not true. You have to pay the full balance within the first year after signing the agreement otherwise you will be paying monthly charges with interest for a further five years on a monthly basis. Do not be sucked in. Do you really want this hanging over your head??? For me, I have no kitchen installed after 5 months on since signing the sales agreement. This company is a national disgrace and should be stopped by trading standards and the financial ombudsman should intervene. We need to stick together with this problem and bring this company down to its knees, which is what they have done to all it's customer's!! They are taking large amounts of money for totally unacceptable treatment all round. Distressful and cheap treatment by all at Wren. They should investigated at a national level NOW!

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