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Complaint against Wren Kitchens

I was told by a colleague not to go to Wren but we did not listen and now I am regreting it everyday as the nightmare continues. I have been having similar problem with Wren since last year. Poor workmanships, misleading sales, wrong delivering of parts, damaged to my property, bad installation of appliances, late delivery and the knock an effect has been affecting our health, delaying other work in the property and causing huge cash losses. I have only paid 60% upfront and the rest by direct debit on the kitchen so I am considering stopping my direct debit completyely whilst they are messing about and then meet them in court. I have asked for their step by step complaint procedures and they acknowledged my email but not responding back so I will be meeting a solicitor on Friday. Should I apply through small court claims or use the solicitors for £6000 claim? Please advise! I have contacted trading standard today and I have all the picture evidences etc and one manufacturer has confirmed that Wren installation is the problem not their appliances. I am ready to fight and put all the copy of their correspondence and responses on social network soon. When I saw all your posts, I was shocked to see how many complaints and I think I will also be writing to my MP about them. They should not be allowed to be exploiting customers this way. They are affecting peoples health and getting many people into huge debt while they are collecting money from different people. Surely the law should not encourage them.. Please help me people?

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