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Elaine's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Elaine Callanan


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Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Wren kitchens sent out a person to measure up my newly built kitchen they said because of the beam that the end unit my have to be cut in to fit. I said that the wall units where not going up that far so no problem. The units arrived and my own fitter was doing the fitting as I heard so many bad reviews about their fitters. Anyway he was fitting them only to discover that they where 10 inches to long on both sides of the kitchen. I have had to get the plumber back to move the pipes for the sink and move the pipes for the radiator, also get the electrical guy back to move light switches so that the units will fit and not have to get them changed. The other units at the other side of the kitchen are now odd. I was supposed to have 4 x 1000 and 4 x 850 now I have 2 x 850 and I am waiting for 2 new units of 650. The customer service leave a lot to be desired said it was my fault I should have got someone else to remeasure. I said that if they where fitting the kitchen they would not have sent someone else out to remeasure. They said that I will have to pay again. REALLY. THIS HAS CAUSED ME A LOT OF STRESS AND EXPENSE. I mean how can you get the measurements so wrong not a few inches out But 10 inches. One very unhappy customer. I shall not be recommending WREN KITCHENS to anyone ever.

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