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Julie's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Julie Kennett


[RESPONDED] Nightmare kitchen

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Kitchen was planned not by the home measuring service but something better, an architects plan of the room. The "expert, best in branch" designer still managed to get it wrong and plan it so it blocked off a doorway. My fitters picked up on this and we had to make amendments to the kitchen. Once the kitchen arrived and my fitters were in the house I received calls on a daily basis regarding damage, missing parts, wrong sizes, the list goes on. Try calling wren customer services but be prepared to wait at least 15 mins before they answer your call, add to that the "just put you on hold" then they cut you off, that happened to me today for the 4th time. The showroom won't discuss after sales issues with you, the customer services have no technical knowledge so calls have been extremely stressful and frustrating. Today was just classic Wren blaming the customer response, they had not sent enough trim for the wall covering, as this is one of the last things to be done it's fair to say I would only notice at the end. "you had better check everything else is ok because this is the last order I can raise without cost to you" another quote "you have 28 days to find all problems, after that you have to pay" So following a discussion relating to the consumer rights act 2015 I'm told it's "company policy" I couldn't seem to make her understand they are breaking the law. So far my sister has cancelled her order and the gas fitter at my house has advised a customer not to go ahead with a Wren Kitchen. This has been a very very very stressful experience, i've cried a lot, I dread calls from my builder. It's costing me extra days labour because of all the hold ups and it's not over yet. Tomorrow i'm expecting a delivery from Wren and don't know if it will be the wrong units, again or will they be damaged, i'm dreading any calls from my fitters.

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Julie, Sorry to hear this. If you could please confirm your order details, I will advise further. Regards, Adam

Julie Kennett | | VERIFIED

Hi Adam, I've sent you order details via twitter and it makes no difference. My e-mails get ignored, perhaps wren kitchens don't want to admit anything in writing ?

Julie Kennett | | VERIFIED

to leanne.Powell Dear Leanne, I spoke with a member of your customer service team yesterday, Nicola, i'm very concerned over something she told me and would like clarification on this point please. I was told that I have 28 days from delivery to find any problems with the kitchen, after that no more orders can be raised unless I pay for them. That is who i was told to email. no response .

Julie Kennett | | VERIFIED

limitation of characters won't allow me to post the full content of the email on here.

Julie Kennett | | VERIFIED


Julie Kennett | | VERIFIED

Anyone reading these complaints, don't believe for one moment that "Adam" and his sorry to hear this response is helpful because that is as far as it goes. I've still had no response to any e-mail I have sent other than the auto responses.

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Julie, We are in correspondence on Twitter, and I have replied to each and all of your Tweets; the most recent of these confirming that our Customer Care have received your e-mail and will respond directly. I also advised that they would require an invoice in order to consider fitting costs, and advised that you send one in to them. Regards, Adam

Julie Kennett | | VERIFIED

I apologise Adam, for some reason I didn't get a new message alert.
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