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Andrew's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Andrew Hollick


[RESPONDED] Our Wren Kitchens Nightmare - Ongoing!

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

This is still ongoing......... We have many pictures, a video and more information on our Facebook page: Search: OurWrenKitchenNightmare Our Timeline..... 7th February 2016 Ordered Kitchen from the Colchester Branch, and paid the deposit. We wanted it installed in May, but the earliest they could get us a fitter was the 3rd of June. 30th April 2017 We paid in full. 3rd May 2016 Pre-Fit with the first fitter – This is so they can see where it all going to go, and to see if they see any issues arising. 2nd June 2016 Kitchen Delivered 3rd of June 2016 The first fitter started work Parts were faulty, with marks down them. This was every 'decor panel'. 10th June 2016 We went into the Colchester branch with photos we had taken of the kitchen so far. Our designer agreed that is was very poor. Wren agreed to replace the kitchen and do a refit. We said we did not want the same fitter. We later found out that he had done 2 other installs, and they were very bad too. 5th July 2016 A new fitter arrived to do the refit. He said he was only with us for the day, and that another fitter would be with us to finish off. This was a lie, as there was no other fitter booked to come in to us. The nearest fitter they had was on the 25th of July. We were told another fitter would be with us on the 6th , but he did not arrive. I spoke to him, but he put the phone down after saying he didn’t want to fit our kitchen. 8th July 2016 Started a complaint with the Ombudsman. We paused this, when Wren said they would rectify everything for us. 24th October 2016 We 'signed off' the kitchen, as we could not go ahead with the claims procedure if we did not. We were so deflated that we just agreed in the end. 1st January 2017 We sent the claim form to Wren 17th January 2017 We received a ‘goodwill’ offer of £300. We declined this offer. 26th February 2017 The flood happened. The pipes connected to the taps had not been fitted correctly. Wren were only going to pay half of the emergency plumber bill. 12th May 2017 Fridge Freezer broke down, and were advised that an Engineer from CDA would be out to fix it on the 15th of May. 15th May 2017 Engineer said that parts were required, and he ordered them in. 26th May 2017 Engineer fitted new parts 31st May 2017 Fridge Freezer broke down again 22nd June 2017 Technical Manager came to see us. I feel he was a ‘pacifier’. He took our ventilation grill away, to match it with another for us. He said he would send in a report, and would keep in touch with us. No contact has been made to us from him. 27th June 2017 Replacement Fridge Freezer arrived, and awaiting Fitter later today. Fitter arrived and fitted the appliance, but scratched our worktop. 7 weeks without a fridge freezer! Outstanding issues: •Fridge Freezer to be collected •Ventilation Grills to be replaced •Dishwasher metal plate to be moved forward •New bubbling issue to be reported •New scratch made by fitters to be reported 30th June 2017 Fridge Freezer Collected. 6th July 2017 2nd Visit from the same Technical Manager. Nothing has been achieved since his last visit two weeks ago. No contact was made in the last 2 weeks, and I had to email him to see what was happening. He said, due to the new ‘bubbling’ effect, he would have to come in again, which was booked for today. He did not arrive with a replacement grill, as he could not source one. He filed a report, again, and added the new ‘bubbling’ issues. We advise him that we did not want Wren to do anything, any longer, and that we are going to pursue a full refund for our unacceptable kitchen. 8th July 2017 Submitted our complaint to the Ombudsman 3rd August 2017 Received our offer from the Ombudsman. We will be declining. 22nd August 2017 Wren Kitchens decided to pay the money for the Ombudsman offer by Cheque, and Bank Transfer, although we had not accepted the offer! --- We will now be proceeding with a claim through the Small Claims Court. We have many pictures, a video and more information on our Facebook page: Search: OurWrenKitchenNightmare

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Andrew, Thank you for your review. Regards, Adam

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Andrew, Thank you for your review. Regards, Adam
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