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Owen's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Owen Acland


[LAPSED] Parts missing very poor service

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

On 1st January this year we ordered a kitchen from Wren all seemed to be fine until our delivery day when we received 10 emails stating several parts would not be arriving we were unhappy as we had arranged for the kitchen to be fitted in the half term holidays. When we rang and queried we were told the rest would arrive in ten days and when we told them we had arranged our fitters we were just told to read our terms and conditions! Ten days later some of the missing parts arrived after another long phone call we were told the missing doors would be with us a week later on a Saturday we stayed in all day and nothing arrived. At this point we had been without a kitchen for several weeks another phone call and another 10 days wait and two doors arrived. We rang again for the missing corner piece which was preventing us from getting started and another door which took another ten days. At this point I asked if they would be sending anyone to fit the doors and drawer fronts to which I was told no pre made units and fitted doors are not guaranteed and we would have to do it ourselves and again referred to terms and conditions. When we eventually started fitting the kitchen some 10 weeks later we found one of the doors did not have holes to accommodate the hinges, I rang again over a week ago now and was promised a replacement which has still not arrived and was told if I required anything else I would have to pay for it as it was over 28 days as stated in the terms and conditions. Our delays have been caused by them but this does not seem to matter. We paid what we consider a lot of money for this kitchen it is still not finished, the paint finish is already coming off in places, the units were not fully built as stated, complaining only gets you referred to terms and conditions, there were no instructions to fit the kitchen what so ever and some of the doors do not have the pre drilled holes. This has spoilt the whole process of buying a new kitchen for us and we have made sure everyone we know will never go to Wren.

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Lapsed. Owen has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Owen, If you could please provide your order details, I will look into this for you. Regards, Adam
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