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James's complaint against Wren Kitchens

James Lockyer


Poor Customer Service - Do not use

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

I recently had a kitchen installed by Wrens, I paid above the industry average to have Wrens install the kitchen with one of their recommended fitters. I purposely agreed to have them come and remove the old kitchen and install the new one whilst I was away on holiday as I have young children and thought it would be easier all round. They confirmed the kitchen would be all finished once we returned as it should only take 5 days to complete, we were away for 12 days. I could see through my Doorbell (Ring) that the installer only spent 4 days whilst I was away working on the kitchen, when I arrived home 12 days later I had no electric, gas, water or boiler and the house covered in dust. The kitchen fitter came back and got it up to living standards by the end of that day which should have been completed by the time we returned, but I know the installer had been finishing off other work and my project was worked on when it suited him with his timetable which wasn't good enough. I have had multiple leaks from the plumbing work, which have been fixed straight away, but recently I had discovered the washing machine connection has been leaking and has leaked under all of my laminate floor boards and now have no use to my washing machine. When I called Wrens today they claim they are not responsible for the connection work and is liable to the installer passing the blame to him. I paid Wrens to fit the kitchen and thought I would have peace of mind for any problems, not for me to chase and sort out with the sub contractor other wise I would have used my own fitter. I would advise to stay clear of Wrens! Once the kitchen is installed they are not interested and hide behind their terms and conditions which no one is going to fully read and understand.

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