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Carl's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Carl Levick


Poor Installation, lacking Customer Service

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Everything was going great until the Wren installer turned up. We identified several damaged items, which are shockingly factory defects, not transit damage. Then after poor installation the installer left us with a half finished kitchen, with further items damaged during installation. We were promised that these items would be with us soon. Two weeks later I contacted Wren to find out that the installer had not ordered the items! And now we are promised they will be here in two weeks time. The sink still leaks after the installer looked at it twice. We have also been promised a visit from the installation manager to inspect the quality of work that we are unhappy with, who we can never get hold of, and never returns our calls. And we have discrepancies with our design, we were shown different items in the showroom to that we have received, no one will acknowledge this! I have sent photos and documents to the service centre, which they have seen, but still have not given any feedback on. I am sick of phoning Wren to be passed around with no resolution in sight. Where is the phone number to tell them I want my money back they can throw the kitchen in the bin!!! Would I order from Wren again, no!

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Wren Kitchens failed to resolve this complaint

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Carl Levick, Thank you for taking the time to write you feedback for us. We are deeply disappointed to hear that your experience has not met expectations set. Within Head Office you have a dedicated Installation Coordinator, we have asked that they make urgent contact with you to move forward with completion of your kitchen installation. Kind Regards, Molly - Wren Kitchens.

Carl Levick | | VERIFIED

Hi Molly, yes we have been in contact from the said coordinator on and off, but as yet no feedback on the majority of issues we have. When I call them I can rarely get through to the said person, and promises are made that they will call me back, but nothing. Your input today has lead to them being in contact again, which a message was left that the installation manager would call me back today. (But nobody did) I also left a message for our coordinator to call me back by they didn't either.

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Levick Each time that you have called, the Installation Co-ordinator has returned your call however has not managed to speak to you so has left voicemail messages. Alternatively, the Installation team will be able to help if you can't get hold of the Installation Co-ordinator. Kind Regards Ellie - Wren Kitchens

Carl Levick | | VERIFIED

Hi Molly, I am afraid that is a lie, yes I have had two missed calls from the said co-ordinator, once regarding the fitter visiting and another following up from this discussion above. I have also called a few times in between and left messages with various people, still no reply from my phone call or email that I sent on Friday 29th. From now on I will email the co-ordinator so I have a permanent record of my contact. Also still no phone call from the Installation Manager that I was promised.

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Levick Our Field Installation Manager has also now been in contact and left 2 voicemail messages with yourself. Please get in touch at your earliest convenience. Kind regards Ellie - Wren Kitchens

Carl Levick | | VERIFIED

Hi Ellie, i only had the one missed call and voicemail from the Installation Manager, to which i replied and also left a message. They contacted me later and arranged a visit. Interestingly they had no knowledge of the supposed arranged visit promised by the installation coordinator. Hopefully now we can move forward, and they can see our concerns first hand and we can have some direct feedback. Thank you.

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Levick, I understand that the visit took place and that an action plan has been arranged with yourself. I would like to thank you for your patience. Thanks - Ellie, Wren Kitchens

Carl Levick | | VERIFIED

Hi Ellie, yes the Installation Manager visited on the 6th May, and also some of the damaged parts were delivered too. These were promptly installed. However we are now waiting for the remaining items, which could/should have been ordered weeks ago if both the Installation Coordinator or the original Installer had listened to what we had said and looked at the photos we sent. We have had no confirmation since the 9th May that the outstanding parts have been ordered, we're just patiently waiting.

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Levick I am sorry to hear that the communication has not been present following the site visit, please feel free to email me so I can help you on [email protected] Thank you Ellie Wren Kitchens

Carl Levick | | VERIFIED

One step forward, five steps backwards! Following the re-fit of the extractor on Tuesday, now it does not extract, and the chimney was not straight. The fitter came back yesterday claimed he had a shock off the dishwasher and disconnected the hob while I was out (which he thought was the dishwasher) and left my wife and baby with no provision to cook hot food! It was all working fine before the visit and they didn't touch the extractor fan, Wren told the fitter it was the cupboard doors!!

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Levick You were provided with my personal email address to contact me. I have discussed your claims with both the installer and the Field Installation Manager and we did not install the electrics in your kitchen and therefore these were isolated as our installer received a shock. The fitters safety is paramount and we advise you to make enquiries with your own electrician also. I will liaise with the Field Installation Manager following the visit that takes place. Thanks Ellie.

Carl Levick | | VERIFIED

Hi Ellie, I have already told them all that the issue is strictly with the dishwasher. The electrics have been certified ok again this morning. Sadly the fitter turned off the wrong appliance and left without checking this. Why was the fitter even near the dishwasher? Did they damage it or coincidence? The issue we reported was the extractor fan. If you do not wish to talk in public then ensure the issues are dealt with and not added too. This has gone on for far too long and we have had enough.

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Levick, I understand that our Field Installation Manager attended your property last night, he is compiling his report and sending this across to the Installation Team with his findings. They will be in touch with you over this matter. Kind regards - Ellie.

Carl Levick | | VERIFIED

We have had no such response from the Field Installation Manager or have any clear outcome or said report of findings. Today I have had an email asking for the signed Certificate of Completion, which the installer made us sign under duress and took with them well over a month ago. Again I do not know where the incompetence lies. but this is the last insult. We will take up our complaint externally

Carl Levick | | VERIFIED

We will take up our complaint externally with the Furniture Ombudsman, Wren have failed to deliver the professional installation service, the quality of workmanship is just not visible, and such our basic expectations have not been met. We have had no contact from Wren for at least 7 weeks, bearing in mind that the install/disaster started almost 4 months ago.
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