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D's complaint against Wren Kitchens

D Collins


[RESOLVED] - Poor Kitchen install management & communication

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

I have listed the issues we had to deal with during the process; this should have been an enjoyable addition to our new home. As the customer we should not have had to chase up, make calls to check on installation / delivery dates. This should be something that Wren’s should have done as the project managers. Project problems list - 1. Started process of ordering new kitchen in March 2016 and paid a deposit to the designer 2. Visit from Wren to survey and check design 3. Visit from - fitter had a query with the measurements and told us we will have to go back to designer in show room, but informed us he would be able to fit the kitchen in June 4. Surveyor attends again - He was confused as to reason why? 5. Another visit to showroom to check on dates and confirm dates for delivery and installation (we changed sink style at this stage). Designer in show room confirmed that this would not be a problem and would not interfere with installation / delivery dates 6. Another visit from fitter – During a conversation between us and the fitted, was told that as we had ordered granite. The granite company would come during the week the kitchen (Monday-Wednesday), was being fitted (about Thursday) and draw a template. Then a further 7 to 10 day for granite to be fitted. We were not informed of this by the showroom or the lead time, disappointed! Customers should be allowed to make informed decisions and showroom staff should not assume customers know that sort of information or have find out about this after the event. 7. Calls made to Wren head office for start dates and delivery of kitchen. 8. We had to chase them on a number of occasions. Wrens never contacted us for payment of kitchen or installation and delivery dates! 9. Wrens eventually gave dates, but our perception was that it was our fault as we had not made the finale payment. At no stage was we contacted by Wrens and requested to make the payment. 10. We arranged with Wrens head office to visit showroom again and make the finale payment so as to ensure we kept the installation dates 11. Visited showroom 3rd time, to pay the total balance and confirm an installation date of 18 July that was given to us by Wren HO. When we got there the showroom designer told us that date had been pulled, as it was a Saturday he could not contact HO. 12. We paid on the following Monday after confirmation that the kitchen will be fitted on 18 July. 13. The week before we were concerned no one had confirmed (i.e. the fitter) that they were coming. 14. On Friday the 15 July we called Wrens HO to check and confirm dates. We were informed the fitter was sick and would not be coming…...!!!!!!! Why were we not informed of this fact, and it was only down to us phoning Wrens we found this out. We had arranged with our employers for one of us to have time of work so as to ensure that someone was at the house during the fitting. This is poor project management on Wrens part. 15. We informed Wren that we had waited long enough and that if it was not being fitted on the 18 July we wanted our money back in full. 16. They arranged for the area manger to get a replacement installation fitter to visit our home that afternoon to confirm that he could do the installation, he confirmed that he could start that Monday. 17. We then had to arrange rubbish collection with Wren HO for the following week. Why? Should this not be part of the installation project between Wren and the installation team? 18. We then had to chase Wren during the installation week for template to be done for granite worktop and remind Wren that she was told they would come the week of the fitment. We were told that was not true and that they had done over and above for us to get the kitchen fitted and template would be done up to a week after fitment, again news to us!! 19. We eventfully got through to Company ourselves as Wren were struggling to speak to them. They told us they have just got the order and will come the following Tuesday (7 days after the kitchen had been ripped out and new one fitted). 20. We were left with no sink, oven or hob. Oven wired up few days later which was helpful. 21. Granite fitted 11 days after that (Wednesday 10 August), We had drama that day as the fitter said that the electric sockets should have been removed to install granite back splash……. Again we were not informed of this!!! 22. My wife under my instruction turned electricity off to remove sockets in order for the fitters to stay and complete work. 23. Hob installed Thursday 11 August 24. Sink plumbed Saturday 13 August 25. Overlooked socket for dishwasher fitted Sunday 14 August 26. It took us hours to remove plastic protector form cupboard doors. There are 3/4 chips in doors once plastic was removed. 27. Repair kit left with us was already a used one with no pen and the wax crayon already used! Through this whole process we were left without a working kitchen sink for 4 weeks…. not acceptable!! The communication/organisation within Wren during this small project was very poor, as a customer, I do not believe that I should have to ring the installation department and chase up works to be completed. We have arranged for the area manger to visit our home on 24th August to talk over the problem we occurred and show at least 1 door will need replacing. On a good note, the standard of the kitchen is good, the finished kitchen is of a very good standard and the installation team working in my home were very good and helpful throughout the installation, as they could see the problems we had. I look forward to your reply on the above problems we had during this project and expect some sort of explanation as to why we had such poor experience. Above copy of complaint from a month ago......still no reply from Wren....appalling customer and communications service.

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Wren Kitchens resolved this complaint

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Good Morning. if you could please e-mail me directly at [email protected], with your order details, i will look into this for you. Regards Adam

D Collins | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

D Collins | | VERIFIED

Case closed satisfied
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