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Stuart's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Stuart Coffey


Sold tap that was incompatible with home water system

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

We, like many other reviews, were similarly warned about how Wren deal with problems if they were to occur. However, we were seduced by the fashionable look and design features they were able to include. We spent £17k on what was supposed to be a signature kitchen to provide wow factor In our home. The only wow we got was an exclamation after they prove themselves incompetent time and again. The most galling issue among others was this: We wanted a ‘hot tap and were recommended a ‘Quooker’ which was duly ordered and fitted. However, after fitting, I noticed that the flow rate on the normal hot water (rather than the quooker boiling water) was very low. When I queried this with my plumber, he referred back to the installation instructions. When they didn’t help, he contacted Quooker direct who told him that the tap I was sold was incompatible with a gravity-fed hot water system such as mine. At no point did any of the sales staff ever ask me what kind of hot water system I had. Quooker advised that they have a similar but fundamentally differently designed product for use with gravity-fed systems. When I raised this with Wren, they simply said that the terms and conditions state that it was up to me to check that the item purchased was compatible with my household plumbing. Again, Wren are hiding behind unreasonable expectations on the customer when a simple quality assurance question could have identified the correct Quooker product for my house. There were other issues including promising a pre-Xmas delivery. However, Despite the original delivery being at the end of November, the last replacement item to replace incorrectly picked cupboards was delivered in January! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Their processes will leave you pulling your hair out and wishing you’d listened to reviews like this.

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