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Complaint against Wren Kitchens

after moving into my first house this was not as stressful as dealing with Wren kitchens, I have never dealt with a company so unprofessional and so unresponsive. I have been dealing with Wren since July 2016 and now we are in November. I bought a splash back in the July which was meant to come within two weeks however no one gave us a delivery date so when they come to deliver it no one was in, 2nd time lucky (not) we had to ring to book a delivery date to find out they had booked us one in already and not informed it so it came to the delivery day and they had forgot to load it onto the van but we was not told this they didn't even bother ringing us or telling us and we waited in all day when I rang the lady wouldn't tell me what problem there was in the end the driver had told them they had rang and left a voicemail to inform funny that as seen as I don't have a voicemail service are did not have any missed calls. 3rd time lucky (not) same thing happened again waited in all day for the delivery for the driver to turn up at my house again with no splash back (another day loss of earnings) even the delivery driver was slating the company. 4th time lucky we had received the splash back which my uncle come to fit for more although I received a call from him telling me the splash backs are different colour shades of white, fuming I rang wren they couldn't do anything about it except sending me a splash back the same colour again? I am so confused how a company can be so stupid and have as little communication as the day, no one was helpful of the phone or wanted to know probably because they here this all the time. I am currently dealing with customer service and so far she has been helpful although still not any where closer to getting compensation i deserve. none of my friends or family with use this company again. it's not the first time I've had problems either.

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Hi Nicole, Could you please provide your order details, and I will look into this for you. Regards, Adam
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