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Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Recently my family and I purchased a milano kitchen from wren. This is the best kitchen they do supposedly we placed an order and everything seemed to be in order the staff at the showroom seemed to be friendly and helpful. However the problems came when it came to delivery we received notification via email and text a day before to tell us not all the items on the initial order will be delivered. We had a delivery and with the amount of units and boxes that were delivered there was no way of checking the order on the invoice we signed we put unchecked and this is what we have done on every delivery which has been made. Even now we are still awaiting on items that should have been delivered and on a refund from a sink which had been collected by yodel. It has been an endless battle between customer service and ourselves and on every occasion we have contacted them it seems they don't want to accept any responsibility for manufacturing a kitchen that looks like ex display. We have been absolutely devastated by the kitchen they have given us as we bought a kitchen from wren because of their good reputation and in good faith now all we feel is that we have wasted our hard earned money and feel as though we have been ripped off. We have even been accused of damaging our own kitchen by customer care. A lady from customer care department even encouraged for us to raise a formal complaint against her as we expressed we were unhappy with service she gave on the call and didn't take me seriously when I said i would be contacting trading standards and watchdog. She even went on to tell me because we have a high gloss kitchen it will be prone to scratches which is something we were never told at the showroom because if we were we never would have purchased this particular type of kitchen. I explained this wasn't acceptable and it's not like we have even had the kitchen or 6 months or a year but around a week or so therefore there should have been no damage as we havent used the kitchen after seeing the damage. Also she showed no empathy when we mentioned we are currently going through a family bereavement. Furthermore we have even had someone come out from wren showroom we purchased the kitchen from to take photos as evidence to send across to head office even they said they were embarrased and couldnt believe that wren manfactured a kitchen of such poor quality. I am still astounded and astonished how the manufacturing of this kitchen passed quality control as paintwork seems to be chipping, there is clear scratches on worktops and on all the units the paintwork is also terrible on all the units and can be seen clearly as the units are high gloss. It is hard to believe looking at the kitchen we pay thousands of pounds for that it is the most expensive kitchen they sell . It's looks like it's from B&Q or wickes which would have been better quality and a fraction of the price. It seems wren are happy to take your money and give you a kitchen that is poorly manufactured and expect you to not say anything. I am not even asking people to take just my word for it look on social media twitter has hundreds of dissatisfied customers who have had a bad experience with wren and expressed how unhappy they have been I would never want anyone to go though the nightmare me and family have been through dealing with a company such as wren so please save your money because once they take your money that's it they don't want to know. You would think with a company as big as wren with their reputation you would expect to receive first class customer service. Unfortunately this is not the case they advise people that they have a 25 year guarantee on their units that is what swayed us to purchase a kitchen from wren however now we are been told that they are not willing to honour the guarantee and advising us they will not be replacing the damaged units. We are still awaiting on quality control even though they have photographic evidence they seem to be taking their time to come to a final decision we are constantly chasing them but getting nowhere but it seems wren are quick enough to take your money and give you a rubbish kitchen. So people please don't get lured in by the fancy showrooms, TV and radio advertising it's all a big con please stay away from wren don't make the same mistake we did they aren't a reputable company and why they are the UK'S biggest kitchen retailer is beyond me ..

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