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Thomas's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Thomas Pczycki


[RESPONDED] The worst customer experience in my life

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

The worst customer experience in my whole life! We decided to order kitchen from your store in Warrington on 3rd of May after rather pleasant experience we have had with your sales department. Unfortunately after that everything turned into complete disaster. We were awaiting for any information for more than 2 weeks and after that I decided to call Wren to find out what is going on with our order. I found out that our coordinator left the company and no one picked our order up. After that nothing really changed and another few weeks passed by. Finally the delivery was scheduled on 27th of July and installation on 31st till 4th of August. Of course we had to arrange everything by ourselves with the company installing worktops and with your fitters as well. Until now I don’t really understand duties of so called “coordinators” as we have never received any information upfront or update despite numerous promises. We traveled once more to Warrington to finalize everything and found out that few things needed corrections (worktop was too thin to install hub above drawers, wrong hood chosen, wrong oven was advised – the one that didn’t fulfill our requirements etc). Of course final price gone up. The delivery went surprisingly well and then fitters came in to put everything in place. We quickly realized that MOST of the items are damaged! Some were missing and some were of wrong size! Lack of varnish and dents were visible on almost everything. Second order had to be placed and delivery date was established on 21st of August. In the meantime we had our worktop fitted. We were advised that the one we have chosen had some major flaws – it could change color in contact with hot water! We were not informed about this at all! Also were informed that the measurements originally taken by your employee were incorrect (for example worktop’s up-stand was too high to fit under the window) and necessary changes had to be made. The price gone up again. Worktop was installed without any further issues. Then the second order was delivered. Of course we had to contact fitters and make all necessary arrangements. Once again items came in damaged or incorrect with some items missing! I realized that they have wrongly described boxes with splash-back (two contradicting labels on each box; one suggesting size of 600x600, color bride, one suggesting size 595x745, color opal). Also despite measurements taken once again previously for boiler cabinet, new items came of wrong size. I phoned up Wren and informed about issues with splash-back. Nobody could even confirm if color opal is the same as bride! I expressed my disappointment with the quality of services and was informed that we will from now on have managerial support in order to finish everything off smoothly. I was approached by installation manager, who told me that next order placed by my fitter was not processed because he wants to visit us, check everything personally and list all items by himself. He proposed 1st of September as the date of his visit. I was not happy with another weeks of delay and was informed that I can accept that date or process existing order placed by the fitter, but then I have no right to complain if something is missing or is damaged! I found this guy very rude and unhelpful. The manager arrived on 1st and went through all items we were not happy with. He agreed to absolutely everything and placed 3rd order, containing 18 items! Our whole kitchen has only 17 doors! Almost everything needed to be replaced! He promised that managers will check the quality before the delivery and also promised to be in touch shortly to inform about the date of delivery. After whole week without any update once again I contacted Wren and asked what is going on. I was informed that this manager is on holidays, will leave the company soon and hasn’t placed an order at all! Finally 3rd delivery was scheduled on 20th of September. A month after previous one! In the meantime I was approached by our fitters asking me if I could arrange somehow payment for them as they were not paid by Wren at all! They were also asking me about the delivery date as no one from Wren informed them. I don't think customers should be mediators between Wren and their fitters! 3rd delivery arrived on the 20th of September. Fitters came in day after. Splash-back was wrong again, no boiler cabinet, 3 items still missing, some others damaged. And all of this after extra managerial check. Unbelievable! 4th order is already placed. I was informed by the warehouse employee the fitter placed an order with that you don’t even have the splash-back they sold me. I tried to confirm that with my coordinator, she promised to check it and come back to me, but unfortunately I didn’t hear from here so far despite me chasing her for an information three times already. I also was informed that my fitters are off on holidays for two weeks now so with optimistic assumption that 4th delivery will be spot on, the installation process will be done around mid of October. Something that should take a week will take minimum 3 months! We both have wasted many days of holidays, we have made multiple phone calls, we had to postpone kitchen renovation because of enormous delay Wren has caused. We are extremely upset with their customer service, lack of information, understanding and most of all the fact that we feel completely ignored by their staff. We have informed numerous times various people we approached within your company that we want to discuss some settlement agreement, satisfactory discount, we even threatened that we will ask to take this horrible kitchen back and give us our deposit back, but it seems that nobody cares. All our attempts to escalate this failed completely. We have been promised so many times that we will be contacted but no one never did phone us. We even send above summary to their directors, but guess what; No Answer!!! AVOID THIS COMPANY

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Thomas, I have replied to your Trustpilot review. I member of the installations team will be in touch to discuss shortly. Regards, Adam

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Thomas, I have replied to your Trustpilot review. I member of the installations team will be in touch to discuss shortly. Regards, Adam
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