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Ashley's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Ashley Wetherall


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Complaint against Wren Kitchens

I am currently having my kitchen fitted by Wren and it has been a nightmare from the moment we walked into the showroom. About 12 years ago my wife and I purchased a new kitchen for our old house from Wren and to be honest they did an Ok job. The only problem we had with them was that one of the doors on our cupboards was the wrong colour. One phone call and a week later it was replaced. Oh how things have changed. In April of this year we decided to buy a new kitchen from Wren for our new bungalow. After they sent a guy over to measure up .We made an appointment to design our kitchen and we were introduced to what they said was there top designer. He kept us waiting for about 20 minutes past our appointment. My instinct was to leave and try somewhere else but I was seduced by the show room. When we did sit down with our top designer he basically made out that wren could handle ant situation. We gave him after about an hour we had designed the kitchen. I asked how much this kitchen was going to cost. But the designer insisted in doing this song and dance about how much wren would be saving us. I won’t go into details but this kitchen wasn’t cheap even with Wrens 40% off deal. 2 weeks later Wren sent round the contracted fitter to talk to us about the kitchen logistics. He basically told us that we have to redesign the kitchen as they’re would be unforeseen costs and delays. We tried to make an appointment with our designer but he would not return our calls. We eventually got another designer. This apparently was the other top designer. We sat down and designed a second kitchen this time I insisted that we did not do discount song and dance. This kitchen £1.500 more expensive than the first attempt. The fitter return and confirmed that the job could be done. We went back to Wren to pay our deposit which was half the value of the kitchen. May 23 the kitchen was delivered with a start date of May 28th 2019. I will say that the fitter has been nothing but professional. 3 days in the fitter informed me that some of the work tops were the wrong specification and damaged and he will have to order new ones. This would delay the kitchen and mean that we would not be able to use the sink. The fitter took pictures of the tops and sent the details to wren. June 7th the new tops arrived I signed for them unchecked. I text the fitter letting him know. He said that he would get back to me once the job he was on was finished. He said that I might want to contact Wren just in case they could get another fitter out sooner. I duly did this. I heard nothing for days. I eventually herd that they were over worked. I informed Wren that my kitchen was behind because of they’re mistakes. I eventually herd back from our fitter who said he would be available on the 14th of June. I took a day’s holiday to be home for what I thought would be the completion of my kitchen. The fitter arrived and found that again wren had sent the wrong work tops. 9 am I contacted Wren to inform them of the mistake. They said they would look into it and get back to me they texted the fitter stating that they would be in touch soon . They didn’t. I phoned back at 12pm. Again they said they had escalated the issue to their manager. But also implied that the mistake was mine and that I’d asked for 2 different types of counters, By now I had the measure of wren and said that I would be looking at a compensation claim. Wren said I could only do this after the kitchen was fitted but they would get back to me asap. They didn’t. After the fitter had left a contacted Wren. I was very angry I said that they were very unprofessional and that I wanted the situation resolved. They said that they would get back to me by Monday morning. Monday 1pm after hearing nothing I phoned wren. I was told the person looking into my complaint would call me back once he was off the phone. 2.20pm.. No call back. I want to know how to go about claiming compensation for stress and inconvenience to myself , my wife , my work life and my neighbours.

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Olga Olga | | VERIFIED

Hi what happened did you managed to get compensation? Is there any other places I could get a kitchen from? WREN sound like a nightmare
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