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Lois's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Lois Beecroft


Using common kitchen products contains bleach will discolour your units and invalidate your wattant

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

We bought a top of the range infinity Wren kitchen, in Jan, in sept, we notice two yellow discolouration marks, in separate parts of the kitchen, caused by diluted bleach splash back from our floor cleaner. We have been told by Wren, our warranty is invalidate because we have wilfully damaged our kitchen, by using bleach, despite no pre or post purchase, care warning cautions for use, bleach is a common kitchen cleaner. They have not accepted our kitchen is defective, not fit for purpose, The paint on the doors should be robust enough to withstand ordinary kitchen cleaners. Now we are anxious about using anything other than soap and water to clean the oven the sink ect. This decision has been reviewed 4 times , and resulted in being told we need to pay for replacement units.. Treat you Wren kitchen like a soft furnishing, to maintain your warranty, buy else where if you want a kitchen fit for purpose

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