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Shelley's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Shelley Price


[RESOLVED] - What do I do now?

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

Our kitchen was delivered to the new house we are building. On inspection there on a larder unit missing and one of the base units was the wrong size. We rang and complained and he larder unit was delivered. Then I realised also that they had sent the wrong bin cupboard. I have spoken to so called Cusomer Care ( twice as I got cut off) and am told they can't deliver until the 5th December because they have to be made. I have already put my fitter off once. He is meant to be coming on Saturday but no point if two units are missing. I need to get the work surface ordered and can't do that until the kitchen is fitted. I am meant to be moving into my house before Christmas and have given notice on my rental house. Customer care were useless so I rang the store. The best they could tell was that my complaint could be escalated if I rang Customer Care. I said well I have already spoken to them twice so could you please contact them and ask them to escalate my complaint. He said they will tell me to get you to ring them. Is there no one in your organisation who can help? Surely someone has the authority to speed up the making of my 2 cabinets!!! Or are Wren going to compensate me for the the extra months rent. Even worse for me if my house has already been let to someone else. What kind of business is this!?!?

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Shelley, I have replied to your message on Facebook with a resolution. Regards, Adam

Shelley Price | | VERIFIED

Thanks you Adam that has helped considerably. I have also posted again on your Facebook page. For future clients it would be nicer if customers could be directed to a Complaints Dept instead of everyone saying that nothing could be done. I spoke to 2 people in Customer Care and the Duty Manager in the Guildford store who all said nothing could be done. Thank you.

Shelley Price | | VERIFIED

Thanks for the help.
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