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Bridgette's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Bridgette Sanders


[RESPONDED] Worst customer service in the whole world

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

I bought my kitchen in October 2014 and have spent two and a half years trying to get it sorted out. This company is only interested in getting your money. I threatened this company with legal action and they yet again just ignored me. I then employed a solicitor which cost me £3000 only to be told they couldn't take the case to court without me getting in touch with the furniture ombudsman. I did contact the ombudsman which was a slow process but eventually they agreed with me and ordered Wrens to remove my kitchen and give me a full refund. Still the customer service was ridiculous, they emailed me within the week and said they would be at my property two days later to remove my kitchen and all my appliances. I don't believe these people have any idea what sort of disruption this causes. Eventually after numerous emails I was told I could arrange for another kitchen to be fitted and they would remove their kitchen the week before. Thankfully I was able to summon up the money to pay for the new kitchen (as with all kitchens you have to pay in advance) . Wrens didn't have to refund my money till after my kitchen had been removed. They removed my kitchen 3rd July 2017 and I actually received my refund 2nd August 2017. I would just like to be able to tell everyone about my experience and help prevent this happening to others.

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Bridgette, I'm sorry to hear you are unhappy with your experience. If you require any assistance, please confirm your order details. Regards, Adam

Bridgette Sanders | | VERIFIED

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