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Jesse's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Jesse Taylor


Wren is not a company to work for

Complaint against Wren Kitchens

I left my job after having being there for nearly 2 years because I thought this would be a new career path for me. I ignored all the negative reviews people say about this company because I wanted to take the opportunity which sounded good at the time. We are invited to come and take part in a recruitment event (they have a handful over the course of the year). You ask yourself why does a "really big company" have so many bad reviews and several recruitment events? After a while you realise it's because the work environment is absolutely terrible and there's a reason why they have such a high turnover rate in terms of staff. Of which they must keep the staff count up by recruiting more and making it sound like such a good opportunity which you commit to it by leaving your previous job which is probably safer than being here. My friend was fired from there after having being there 3+ months because they didn't think he's right for the role because of a minor error which could be easily corrected. *Bare in mind, their probation period is ONE YEAR* When I found this out I automatically started looking for a new job because there's a reason why it's that long and it's simply because they've got a year to bin off people for the smallest reason. When I was told they weren't going to continue my employment they cheekily asked me to be quiet and pick up my bag and leave. But the worst bit is ALL the staff related to customer services pretend to be nice and helpful but really they're nitpicking and eyeballing you all the way through your training to find errors and use them against you to release you when they could TRY and help the staff they have. All of them are 2-faced and it came as a shock to me when they were all smiley but then told me the bad news. I have a mortgage to pay and a car on finance plus other bills which I thought would all be secure now I found a job which promises progression within but I lasted 3 weeks before they said I wasn't right for the role. Yet in that 3 weeks they expected you to learn the whole internal system which was very difficult, baring in mind the trainer was being trained at the same time so nobody knew what's going on as plans and scheduled changed on a daily basis. You know it's bad when they have a group of trainers and training rooms. Goes back to the one year probation and the handful of recruitment events annually. All I'm going to say is be careful if you're going to take the plunge into this company because you will be dumped for the smallest reason. It's such a risk working there, the whole company is a joke and fake.

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