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Michael's complaint against Wren Kitchens

Michael Oatham



Complaint against Wren Kitchens

[NB - also posted on Google Reviews] This company is a triumph of style over substance. Lovely chitter chatter and customer care when you are at the showroom stage, absolutely disgraceful customer service thereafter. We are now two years - and counting - into our Wren debacle. We had good service from the sales staff in store and ordered a kitchen, but initially there were delivery problems. When the kitchen finally arrived there were numerous chipped doors. We tried contacting Wren - and getting through to the customer service team was (and indeed is) an epic challenge in itself. When they finally engaged with us, they refused to believe what we were telling them and a dispute followed. The doors were eventually replaced - with more chipped doors. Further delay and hassle ensued but many months later we finally got the doors which we should have received from the outset. This of course meant additional labour charges for getting people out to do the fitting. Were Wren interested in compensating for the associated cost? Oh no they were not. We then had issues with the corner/larder unit and fridge freezer unit, which had been fitted incorrectly. That was not Wren's fault, it was down to our builder (I wish to make that clear). So we ordered and paid for the replacement units and associated parts. We also erred on the side of caution and booked a Wren approved fitter. The parts were delivered and our fitter came out a couple of weeks later to do his part. When the fitter opened the boxes, what did he find? Well, the fridge freezer unit was badly damaged - it looked like it had literally been dropped off the back of the delivery lorry. Absolute junk. The corner/larder unit was also damaged. The doors were chipped (again) too. And the delivery was incomplete, so the fitter did not have all the parts necessary to complete the job, even if those parts were actually usable. Further additional labour charges were incurred - for our fitter's wasted day. Were Wren interested in compensating? The answer was of course "no". Our fitter said Wren should at the absolute least take away the damaged goods whilst delivering the replacements. So we asked Wren about this as well. Would they do that? No! This is our problem, apparently! Bear in mind that we are talking about some very bulky cabinets here, not items which go into the boot of a car for a quick run down to the tip. And so it continues. Two years down the line we still have an incomplete kitchen. Our dining room is currently full of Wren's junk. And as I type this I am looking at their latest customer service email, which basically 'instructs' us that we are to accept delivery of the latest replacement items and leave it at that. They aren't taking their own rubbish away and they aren't offering anything to compensate for the significant additional expense that we have incurred from their c0ck ups, not to mention the upset caused by this continuing debacle. BUYERS BEWARE! Look elsewhere too - e.g. the extensive criticisms of Wren on moneyssavingexpert (and of course the reviews on this site). This company is rubbish, a classic example of a business set up to charm you out of your cash and leave you with next to zero support once their pockets have been lined. Aside from the nice people at the Wren showroom, I have nothing good to say about this company at all. I absolutely would NOT recommend Wren Kitchens to anyone.

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Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Michael, Thank you for your review. If you would like to confirm your order details, I will ensure your concerns are addressed. Regards, Adam

Wren Kitchens | | VERIFIED

Hi Michael, Thank you for your review. If you would like to confirm your order details, I will ensure your concerns are addressed. Regards, Adam
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