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Junaid's complaint against A2 Dominion Group

Junaid malik


My shift manager tray to hit me at work with pizza pin

Complaint against A2 Dominion Group

I started working at 5.30pm i m a delivery driver at Shirley dominos birmingham on the ruota i was till 10pm shift managerAdnan and i had argumend before es we'll becose he was always unfair with me conpar to others employees related to delivery becose he had some friends and i did avoid few time on start than one day i lost and told him whatever i though and v had argumend argument becose he wanted to send me home that day he had the saim freand and today and that day he was forcing me to drive a company car wan the other driver was spost to drive i did told him agan than v had arguments agan and he did call the area manager secind day wan i came to work area manager came and without asking to store manager he got me to the office and without asking me what happened he just said v don't want you working here because i refuse to drive a company car and just want to mansion company car war not in good condition to drive from me than Satan ley store managercame and i ask him Babur since last 3 month from wan i start working did u had any problems with me he sad Frant of area manager that he had no issues than van i got angry Woking from the office thinking i lost a job 2 of my colleagues came to speake to area manager that give him a warning but don't do what u doing than things war fine i did cut down my hours becose i naver wantid to have same issue agan than i did stop talking to shift manager Adnan becose naver wantid to have any problum and start ignoring the bad behaviour but agan tonight arugument on the ruota my time was till 10pm at half 9 mr Adnan without loking at the ruota he told me to go home and i only told him to check the ruota and send how is before me thar was 3 driver and thar time was till 9 but no he had his mode on agan than i did show to him thar r the pepol than he did say to me shut you're mouth and do what i m talling u in vary bad way v had argument agan than he did run to the sink to gat pizza pan is the one with u pick the pizza from the oven and put in the box and came running to hit me with that if thar was no more employees to stop him i m shore thar was lots of blood avry way i did call the police but tha didn't do anything because thar was no offence and tha cud not see cctv at that moment i only work at this job for 4 month so i m thinking not to go anymore and i think becose is a 0 hour contract and i only work from last 4 month so i will lose a job anyway i need your help

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