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Walter's complaint against Stevenswood Conservatories

Walter hecht


Bad management

Complaint against Stevenswood Conservatories

In 2012 I contracted with Stevenswood to demolish an existing conservatory and replace it with a "sunroom". My house dates back to original construction around 1800 and I was concerned about any known issues in the original house and that they should be identified and tackled separately when Stevenswood were on site as the demolition of the conservatory would provide the ideal opportunity to resolve the issues and avoid future problems with a new room. I emailed Blair Hamilton the MD on two essential matters that needed attention and that these should be scheduled into the work program and that I would pay for that work separately. The first piece of work took place smoothly. However Blair Hamilton overlooked the second request relating to roofing. I had previously emailed him to say that I had concerns about previous leaks and that he should address this before beginning construction as even as a layman joining a new roof onto and old roof gave me clear concerns. After one year or so the new room was suffering from recurrent water damage. I contacted Blair to inform him and to now address the source of the problem and make good the damage caused by his oversight. I got nowhere and was messed about by Blair despite me sending him a copy of the original email requesting him to take preventitive action. I'm now faced with the prospect of taking legal action which will take time and costs. What is infuriating is that a company like Stevenswood who claim to be a quality and responsible organisation are willing to reject culpability and make good the damage in the hope presumably that I'll go away. They shouldn't be allowed to wriggle out of bad contract management and if anyone out there is considering appointing them I would suggest you prepare well.

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