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Josh's complaint against Persimmon Homes



15 months living in this property and still a list of things wrong as long as my arm...

Complaint against Persimmon Homes

I honestly don't know where to start with Persimmon homes. We moved in last June and the problems began that day, persimmon moved our moving day forward by two days at very short notice meaning myself, parents and everyone helping with the move had to rearrange their holidays booked for the original move date. We didn't mind after making arrangements because it meant moving into our lovely new home earlier. We had booked a company to come in and fit our carpets and flooring for moving in morning so that all carpets and flooring was laid so in the afternoon we could move our furniture etc. in. So we turned up in the morning to find that painters were still painting our conservatory! How on earth are we meant to get our floor laid now? They've moved our moving in day forward and not even managed to complete the house on time, what an absolutely pathetic decision from the site manager (the first of many). The painting across the three stories of our property looked like it had been done by my baby cousin, it was absolutely awful and patchy... It had clearly been rushed to meet the deadline of moving in day that Persimmon had ever so kindly brought forward. When we moved in the garden pavement wasn't finished also and it just basically is not what you expect or deserve when you have spent so much money in my opinion. A telephone line had not been run to our house so we couldn't have phone or Internet for a few weeks either, I like to work from home some evenings and weekends so this was pathetic. Within the first week of moving in we noticed a dripping whenever we used the upstairs bathroom which turned out to be a leak that took persimmon 4 visits to identify and fix. Fast forward 15 months because I don't want to go into every problem we've had (I have a document on my computer and a notebook at home covering all that) and we still have problem. We now have a lovely painted home because they supplied us with the paint to do ourselves because their decorators were awful. The road into our street is bumpy and has pot holes absolutely everywhere, they've raised all the ironworks and have been like that for two months now and have just been left. There is still a big pile of mud and dirt on the small hill next to our house and no landscaping has been done even though we pay an annual fee for landscaping. Our front door lock is temperamental and the key takes force to push into the door and we have had this replaced once already; both of the toilet flushes need replacing which is being done soon. All the touches in this house just reek of cheap parts and I can tell you the price we paid for the privilege was not cheap. It's just been a nightmare from start to finish and for anyone buying a new home. Do not buy from persimmon. Save yourself some grey hairs.

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