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Andrew's complaint against Persimmon Homes

Andrew Jones


18 month old boy burnt.

Complaint against Persimmon Homes

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention an incident that happened in your Coity office in Bridgend. Specifically what has been done since or more to the point what hasn't been done. I visited the office on the 9th April with my wife and 18 month old son Henry. There were 2 sales staff working on this day, as we discussed houses with one of the sales assistants Henry was playing on the floor. It was at this point that Henry approached the electric heaters were he put his hands on and burnt them. We tried to get to him in time but it was too late, the heaters were so hot that they burnt his hands and they instantly blistered. We later found out it was a second degree burn as we took Henry straight to the hospital. Henry was in a considerable amount of pain and clearly very distressed as were we, as you can imagine seeing your child in so much pain is very upsetting. Your sales assistants took us straight into the show house to allow us to put Henry's hands under water. Henry continued to be distressed so we decided to take him straight to hospital. We were asked to fill out an accident form which we did but to be honest what we really wanted to do was get Henry to the hospital as quickly as possible. The following week I was contacted by your health and safety officer to make a statement about what happened. I was told that there was a warning stickers on the heater so insurance wise Persimmon is covered. I am sure I don't need to tell you that an 18 month old child can't read. I did say this to the officer and was advised that changes would be made to make the heaters safer. We signed the statement and felt reassured that this wouldn't happen again to anyone else. Sunday just passed (8th May) I went back to the Coity housing estate and visited your sister company Charles Church. Whilst visiting I saw the same sales assistant who had been in Persimmon office on the 9th April. I asked if the heaters had been made safer to which she replied 'yes they have been moved higher so can't be reached', I was pleased to hear this and said I would go to the office to see. When I entered the Persimmon office I could see instantly that the heaters hadn't been moved higher or at all. Confused I asked the sales assistant why she had told me they had moved when they hadn't to which she told me she was not paid to engage in an argument. She told me I should have been watching my son my closely at the same time as holding the office door open for us to leave. I was holding Henry at the time and was in utter shock and appalled at her manner. Shocked she showed no empathy and the fact that she openly lied about the heaters being moved when they clearly hadn't. Appalled that she insinuated that Henry's second degree burns were down to mine and my wife's poor parenting. All this took place in front of potential customers at your office. I can not describe how awful this woman made my family feel. Until Sunday (8th May) we had been able to let the matter rest with regret that the incident ever happened but with the reassurance that action would be taken to make the heaters safer but seeing that absolutely nothing has been done we have no choice than take action. I just want to add that I am appalled that I am even having to write this letter. All we want is for this not to happen to anyone else, we wouldn't want anyone to see there child in so much pain and suffering. Henry is now extremely aware of anything that could be hot, shying away and holding his hand out to show us where his injury was. It took a month to fully heal and for the first week we were asked back to the hospital every 2 days to check and change his bandage, this was a serious injury. All we want is for fire guards to be put up, is this not a reasonable request? We have not seen any empathy from your company quite the opposite! We are not trying to cause trouble we just want safety precautions to avoid this happening again. If no action is taken than I will have no choice than to take legal action. I will await your reply.

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