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Michael's complaint against Persimmon Homes

Michael Ranson


Ignorant customer services, endless punctures & poor build, no quality

Complaint against Persimmon Homes

Once they have sold their product and they have your money, they will totally ignore you. Their customer services are non existant. Swept under the carpet and forgotten about. My daughters bought a house from them against my advise as they had appalling reviews for their building quality and customer services as well as warranty issues. The internal build was poor. coming from a non building trade but construction industry myself, i picked up loads of poor install and quality finished issues. After some nine months, this is still ongoing. My daughters and other residents have continued to have punctures caused by nails and screws. Persimmon has denied that the nails and screws belong to them. There is nobody else on site building except persimmon. Do all nails and screws have persimmon punched onto them to identify who the owner is? No. each of my daughters have had punctures and each have had to have new a new tyre on their cars. The reidents are all having the same issue. Nothing but complete ignorance from persimmon and they fail to deal with it. Take advice and do not buy a persimmon home. Some will be delighted with what they have but looking at reviews across the media, the percentage of bad reviews totally suffocate the good reviews. Customer service and warranty sucks with persimmon.. Have communicated with live chat, email and phone. Emails get answered the first time round. Live chat, they just dont read what is in front of them and ignore your request for contact names and numbers. Phone, they just past the message on. and follow up phone call in return.

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