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Maciej's complaint against Persimmon Homes

Maciej Kopec


New build home constantly delayed with no info being provided and we have a new born

Complaint against Persimmon Homes

This home purchase began in May 2015. My partner and I decided to purchase a new build home with Persimmon Homes as we were expecting our first child. We decided to go with Persimmon Homes in Ashford, Kent as our starter home location because of the cheaper prices and HS1 connection. Problems started from day 1 with the sales adviser for the site. We had to get a check done by her financial adviser in order to be able to get the through to the reservation agreement stage. We decided to change financial advisory after this on recommendation from a work colleague as I wanted to make sure I have someone reliable during a home build purchase (He's won awards). We paid our reservation agreement which states N/A for car port fees and N/A for Ground Rent. We thought all is great at this point of our home purchase. We were told we will be able to visit site shortly to take pictures and things were looking great. Weeks after this we received little information about the home. We were told that the length of the garden is 20 Meters, which was incorrect, and we mentioned this. We were told we will receive an update about the correct dimensions but this has yet to occur to date. We finally received our contract months later stating that the car port is not ours and that there is a monthly payment to be made for this. It also states that we have to pay for 10% of the repairs whenever the coach house next to our two bedroom home decides to do something to it. He/she can close it off at any point for this reason as well. We won't know what the monthly payments are until the exchange of contract as well. We made a complaint to an executive about this who responded back by saying we were given incorrect info on the reservation agreement but we do in fact have to make the payments. We asked if we can just give the car port spot to the coach house and we were told that by law we can't and that we must keep the payments up to date. After 3 days of complaining, they agreed to pay for the first 5 years of Car Port fees. They will be making the payment to us yearly, meaning that we still need to lose money out of our pocket until the end of each year for their error. According to the executive, others were told incorrect information as well along the plot by the same sales adviser. Our home was meant to be built by October 30th so we decided to visit the sales adviser mid October about visiting the site as we have still not been allowed to do so. We were told that the coach house beside our home has scaffolding up so we won't be able to visit yet. I queried this and asked if this mean our home wouldn't be built by the 30th. She responded with a no, which was shocking as we expected to move within 2 weeks. She knew about a home delay and had not told us. Communication with her was non-existent from day #1 so this wasn't much of a surprise but was quite inconvenient. At that point with had a 3 week old baby and living with my partners parents waiting for this home to be completed. The sales adviser stated we should contact her for updates as she has "101 things to do" which is quite unprofessional as well. We are supposed to be receiving weekly updates (according to the executive) but this had not happened at all during the process. Our mortgage offer has been extended twice and the latest date is the start of December. We are worried about losing the chance to get a home as my gf is on maternity pay now. The South East MD was made aware of this as well and we missed his call so he left a voice mail 3 weeks ago asking us to call him. We called his office for 4 straight days and the secretaries kept saying they're leaving messages with him and to wait. On the 5th day the PA of the MD got onto the phone and let us know that no information was provided to her, meaning the secretaries were lying. The MD did get through to us eventually and promised to call us back after his meeting with the site manager on 2 November, but we have still not received a call back. He also told us that we should be able to visit the site at any point now because there were recent rule changes giving us permission to do so. An hour later we were told this is incorrect, by the sales adviser. We are being lied to left, front, and center by everyone involved, including senior management from Persimmon Homes. If there were recent rule changes as the MD stated, then we would be able to visit the site but this isn't the case so there have been no changes. I got through to the sales adviser yesterday who stated that the home won't be built until the end of December, which once again came as a shock since we were not told until I called. I was told that nobody knows when I will be able to visit the site for the first time, let alone actually move in. The executive was contacted right away in regards to this and was shocked that we were told this and that they still hope we can move in by the end of this month. She was also shocked that the MD did not contact us as he promised and that she will make sure he calls us on 9 November. It's 16:05 and still not call so I expect this won't be happening. We have a new born at home and expected to be spending Christmas in our own home, but now we don't know when we will be able to visit even. We have no information and we have been told by the executive that others going through a purchase at this plot are going through the same. Others have made complaints about this sales adviser and left in the dark. We are both extremely stressed out and can't focus on anything because of this scenario and lack of customer service from Persimmon Homes. We have been told to take legal action if we want, but we know this wouldn't do anything as many of those on the NHBC board are MDs of new build companies. We don't know when to get home insurance for as it's a requirement for the mortgage to be released. We don't know when the home will be built. We don't know when we can even visit the site. We have no information and a new born to take care of in a crowded home wondering what's happening to our property. They've been quick to take money for a few extras but lacking any other speed. All of this, when we were expected to be in our home by October 30th.

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Maciej Kopec | | VERIFIED

We've now received an update that the home will be built by December 10th and that we will be able to move in on that date. Let's see if this happens or if we'll need to extend our mortgage offer a 3rd time.
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