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Kerry's complaint against Persimmon Homes

Kerry Ann


Poor building and customer care

Complaint against Persimmon Homes

We have had nothing but issues since we reserved our plot in January 2017. We finally moved into our house June 2017 and the issues we have faced with how our house was poorly finished has been emotionally upsetting and draining. We have had walls knocked back to breeze block, mould / damp, flooring replaced number of times, ceiling paint peeling .. to name a few. There is too much to mention on here .. We are constantly chasing Persimmon customer care & having to CC David Griffin the manager before we get a reply. A new manager Paul came out before Xmas & agreed of the conditions of work still required and token compensation work to be done which we are still waiting for, we are constantly lied too, fobbed off and currently have a lot of unfinished work ie: no ceiling paint in ensuite & half the skirting board glossed in bathroom as that’s what they were instructed to do. The skirting boards all have dust glossed to them, Paul initially stated they would re sand and wipe and gloss, technicians came saying told to just patch up where could!!!! Was told I’d grt an extra working drawer and tiles kitchen December as kitchen has been fitted incorrectly and not straight / level / central (a drawer bangs against another and only have 1 and 2 half drawers working) Not had this done and been told cant have drawer done even though someone has looked saying it can be done & no contact about tiles. Paul was meant to ring me back Thursday before Easter weekend, still had nothing from Persimmon at all!!!! I am at my wits end :( I have all emails and correspondence and feel someone higher than west mids persimmon needs to come sit and meet with us. I have enclosed just a snippet of emails and photos. I have been constantly stressed, worried and anxious waiting and waiting for emails / calls to discuss works to be done, they don’t come ... therefore I am having to constantly chase them up ... I have chest problems following a house fire I was in at work and can’t breathe in fumes so have been put out with the large and remedial works having to leave all windows and doors open to reduce the effects which have still effected my chest. We have both had to give up numerous days off to wait in for customer care technicians, some that haven’t turned up till 10 and leaving at 3!! We have also had to put out daughter in holiday club on holiday occasions as unfair for her to sit in all day with painting / works going on. It has really upset us and we do not want to buy a new house again, and say this to anyone we talk to. Contact us and discuss all our complaints, take us seriously ... See the problems we have and are facing. Compensation for all the issues we’ve had acknowledge that Persimmon are wrong. I don’t want to go public, but I will.

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