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Julie's complaint against Persimmon Homes

Julie Haworth


Potential damage to property as speed excessive approach to building site

Complaint against Persimmon Homes

I wish to highlight to you that I have concerns over the state of my property in the future. Persimmon’s have started building the homes on Coton Park, Rugby, Warwickshire there is heavy usage of the service road(site approach) which runs parallel with Longstork road Rugby. Whilst I realise houses are built to allow certain natural movement this is actually becoming a joke as laying in your bed you are awoken with the noise and movement/vibration of your home from the heavy lorries negotiating the road humps. With this severe vibrations of my property I have now fresh cracks appearing in my plaster/walls. The last hump(located near to your site) is often negotiated far too fast this leads to my whole building shaking and yesterday alone I counted at least 10 occasions heavy vibrations, were felt. Whilst I appreciate new homes are being built and this will continue for some time and the service road is the only egress to the building estate, this problem could cease as I have witnessed some contractor lorries negotiating the humps at walking pace therefore reducing the noise and vibration of my building. So is it possible by either asking the contractor lorries to slow down with or without their loaded vehicles, and consider the potential damage to surrounding properties, as I’m sure I’m not the only one. Or possibly post a speed limit/slow down sign, or take away /reduce the last hump? I do have concerns over the long term effect this will have on my property, and hope this issue will be looked into?

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