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Robert's complaint against The Able Group

Robert Swann


Forget Customer Care - it's all about the £

Complaint against The Able Group

We asked them to remove a bees nest in our garden, the operative advised he had 20 other visits in the day, spent less than 5 minutes at our property and wafted some powder in the rough area of the place wasps were going in and out. This agitated the wasps and we weren't able to go into the back garden for a number of days, the nest hasn't been impacted. The chap left a form that has some ticks roughly across it and then the customer service really started to kick in. They are phoning 4 times a day to get paid for a job that they haven't done, I called them and sat on the phone for 40 minutes passed from one person to another, until I spoke to a supervisor...his only comment was that you signed the form so you need to pay, no explanation that they made no efforts to actually do the job. We got a proper company in to do the job and they came prepared, found the nest entrance, took them 30 minutes and was half the cost...we will now what cowboys look like next time, I guess that is the one thing we can thank them for.

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