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Ella's complaint against Mark Group

Ella Gillies


Cavity wall insulation badly installed into a very unsuitable property

Complaint against Mark Group

In 2009 My elderly grandmother was persuaded by Mark Group to get Cavity wall insulation in the house she owned with my mother and step father. Mark group kept calling and promising it would halve their bills and make the house warmer. They came and installed the insulation without checking the property properly, filled the walls leaving it scattered on the grass around the house. After it was installed the render fell off the house on a couple of places, so they had these spots re rendered. About a year later they noticed damp and condensation, it gradually got worse to the extent that the paper was coming off, black mould growing, and wood rotting. They came to the conclusion the CWI was causing it as it was fine before then. We contacted Mark group and they sent someone out who told them that there were definitely problems to do with the insulations and they should hear promptly from them. A few weeks later they received a letter saying that they believed the damp was due to the re-rendering work done (even though this was on one wall) Mark Group would be prepared, as a goodwill gesture, to remove the insulation free of charge but would not take responsibility for the internal damage at all. They would not extract without us signing to say the inside was our problem. We did not sign as we were totally unsatisfied with this. we contacted an organisation called CIVALLI who deals with exactly these problems. She was fantastic and has helped no end. She suggested contacting CIGA, which we did. They sent out an inspector who told us that the property should have never had CWI in the first place as it sits 2 miles from the sea and 600 feet above sea level in an extreamly exposed location in Cornwall. there was just one wall in the property that wasn't completely saturated and in that wall the cavity had only been partially filled. All the other walls were so wet the insulation had dropped to the bottom of the house. The holes were not drilled in the pattern they should have been and they had not been filled back up properly, which was why the render had come off in the first place. The insulation was to be taken out ASAP. All in all a damning report. We received a copy of CIGA's report as did Mark Group who then without contacting us sent some men round to my mother's house without warning to 'measure up'. After this very rude and abrupt visit with still no word from Mark Group we instructed a solicitor to help us and Mark Group have ceased trading blaming the government for cuts. When it's clear to anyone that has had a dealing with these people why exactly they shut their doors. Almost a year on and we are in a mouldy, damp ridden hole with render now falling off the inside walls and ceilings. My grandmother passed away from lung cancer, made worse by the mould and my mother is suffering from eye and skin infections due to the mould caused. My Mother's dream home is a shell of a house all thanks to the shoddy workmanship and workethics of Mark Group.

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Andy Davis | | VERIFIED

These clowns did loft insulation on my house 8-9 years ago. What a mistake! they uncoupled the vents from the bathrooms and left them lying on top of the new insulation which over the next few years became soaked and stained the ceilings. They also blocked the eaves allowing circulation, coupled with all of the moisture no longer being taken out of the house has left our loft in a sorry state!
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